GAME offers free Xbox Live points for GTA IV pre-orders

GAME is offering 500 free Xbox Live points to customers who pre-order Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto IV. Xbox 360 users will receive the points and four exclusive Gamerpics when the highly-anticipated title is released on April 29.

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PimpHandHappy4187d ago

your paying for gamer pics

thats cool with the xbox crowd right? You pay for everything else anyway. Well i guess you dont pay for repairs

~rubbing chin~

you do pay to upgrade

George Washington4187d ago

well you get what you pay for... thats exactly true for the sony side of things. cause 1 year 4 months in...i still cant read text messages withought quiting the game.


DIFFICULT huh george ,,,,,were going to keep getting other shiii... but your crapbox is getting......i dont know , what are you getting ?...oh yeah another halo game....

ambientFLIER4187d ago

You are paying for the GAME. You get the points and pictures as a bonus. What's so hard to understand, jealous pstard?

Snukadaman4187d ago

your putting down extra money for a pre order..for a game you will be buying...and your getting 500 points in the process.....i think your problem is it isnt for psn and you cant get no pain characters for 99 cents huh? Face it droids..its a excellent idea and you only wish sony thought of it first because you know this will result in many more games counted towards the numbers.

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PimpHandHappy4187d ago

im guessing you dont use the HDMI port and/or you dont have a 1080p TV

I had the same issue with Warhawk. I couldnt read the names and everything was a bit fuzzy. The PSN store was even hard to read

After i got my 1080p and used the HDMI everything turned crystal clear. So if you have the means you need to start saving for a 1080p TV. I got a 52in flat panel but i see 42in TV's for a good price and they keep getting cheaper

Drekken4187d ago

He is talking about chatting in game over the PSN. Not the text size.

Hydrollex4187d ago

it just make me sick !!!!! Microsoft is Hypingggggggg tooo much that I wanna throw up.

Ummm sometimes I think there is something wrong with GTA IV 360 that Microsoft wants to cover with these advertisements.

Blademask4187d ago (Edited 4187d ago )

Assemble, put in front of Xbox Consumer.

Honestly? Bribing your userbase? The same userbase that is more than likely going to buy this title w/o the additional bribe.

MS really doesn't want them even thinking about buying the PS3 version. 50 million plus XBL points should make them secure about their position, I guess they aren't.

GTA is a big title, but its not an end all title. MS is putting everything into it, lets hope their "shortage" is resolved by then. They will need to brag about how many people bought it and moved the systems. They should have learned from HALO. 1 game doesn't win a console war, especially a multiplat!

The Mart:

I am dead serious about you not speaking/commenting on my comments anymore. You aren't a gamer, in any shape or form. You just visit and comment to boost your chest up about your purchase. WHich is fine, just don't do it on my threads anymore. Feel free to ignore me. I wont bother responding to your comments either since they are there for 1 purpose: To annoy and irritate.

Your Gamerscore is 1250 last time I checked. You spend more time on n4g than you do playing the 360. Go away.

TheMART4187d ago

GTA has a HUGE fanbase.

When did the PS2 really start selling I ask you???

Right, when GTA launched...

Drekken4187d ago

So Mart you are saying that the xbox360 wont sell till GTA?

Blademask4187d ago

before you speak to me again. GTA isn't going to start the 360 "really selling" after 3 years bro. Sorry to burst your bubble. ANd what do you care? You clearly dont even play your 360.

The PS2 didn't start "selling" when GTA came out. Why do you zealots attach yourself to every single game out there as if its going to end everything for the other systems? GTA will more than likely sell more on the PS3, Or the sales are going to be 20-30k close to one another. The days are over for the 360 dominating when the PS3 had 0 game lineup, and a 600 dollar price tag.

Face it bro. The 360 has competition now, 07 wasn't really anything to be excited about considering the biggest release for the ps3 was what? Heavenly Sword? Versus 360's HALO. And it still managed to move 10.5 million in 1 year.

The PS3 isn't going to wipe the 360 off the face of the Earth. Microsoft probably will. Just like they did with the first Xbox. GTA is going to move consoles period, its not going to cause either console to go into bankrupt. Didn't happen after halo, it aint happenin after a multiplat.

Mwaan4187d ago

"GAME" is offering the free points, not Microsoft. I don't see how the downloadable content is a bribe either. You'll still have to pay for it.

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Bleucrunch4187d ago

I dont agree with this. Gamers shouldnt be bribed it should be their choice...Some will get it because they are getting free points which just shows how shallow they are. Why cant the fact that is coming to the platform that you want be enough, if you have to be enticed then that probably means that someone is weary of something.

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