Taking God of War to PSP - Interview by Next Generation

God of War: Chains of Olympus director Ru Weerasuriya talks about the successes and failures of the game's development, the direction the title almost took, and ramping up for new IP development.

Next Generation: Aside from the overwhelmingly positive critical response to Chains of Olympus so far, one reviewer, although he called it a "very good game," said it is "very, very short" at under five hours long. Is this the case?

Ru Weerasuriya: We've had people finish the game in five to eight hours just like there have been people who finished God of War II in that amount of time. I don't think "very, very short" is a good assessment. It's always hard to put a playtime length to any game. I just had a journalist tell me that he finished it in nine hours and had started a second playthrough. Some have already logged in more than 20 hours. So to each his own.

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