Sony exec questions high price of Wii, 360 hardware

Consoles too expensive for intended audiences, says Oz boss.

Sony Australia's Michael Ephraim has questioned the price point of rival next-gen hardware, stating the Wii is "a lot to fork out" for the intended family audience, while branding the Xbox 360 as "pricey".

Speaking to Australia's The Age newspaper, Ephraim also said he believes that the PAL delay of the PS3 will not impact sales in the long term.
"My only question for this Christmas on Wii is the price point," said Ephraim.
"Even though it's affordable, at AUD $400 (EUR 237) plus whatever you need to buy accessories-wise, I'm guessing you need to spend about AUD $500 (EUR 296) to take home a Wii and enjoy it."

"For this Christmas, I think that price point is still not family entertainment because AUD $500 is a lot to fork out, but we welcome the Nintendo heritage of gaming where they can appeal to a broader audience because long-term that is critical for the industry," he said.

And while admitting Microsoft had done "fairly well" at launch, the Australia boss believes the Xbox 360 is focused on too narrow an audience and still priced too high.
"I think their product offering is still not broad enough. The content is narrow and appeals only to a very core group," he said.

He added: "It's still pricey, and I'm sure Microsoft will do everything they can, but if you just look at the offerings from each format and the marketplace that we are now playing in, especially PlayStation 2, it has to be affordable because we are talking about mass-market and non traditional gamers."

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shotty6199d ago

I wonder what he did in the interview when they told him the price of the ps3.

DC RID3R6199d ago

that's a bit much coming from a company who's machine will retail for $1000.00 aus dollars!!!


Islandkiwi6199d ago

You've got to admit, that guy has balls. "Those consoles are way too expensive...you should wait for ours, which costs twice as much."

Daewoodrow6199d ago

I'm actually going to stick around for the fanboy wars on this one. I couldn't stop laughing. You could tie the irony of this article to a rope and use it to knock down walls.

uxo226199d ago

That was good Daewoodrow, well stated

USMChardcharger6199d ago

? guy needs counseling. he is in denial about the PS3's price.

ASSASSYN 36o6199d ago

Wow what do they get to smoke in the Sony corp. I have never read such delusional bull doo doo.

unleash bass6199d ago

This bloke is a complete and utter idiot! How dare he say these things about the 360 and Wii when the PS3 is by far the most exspensive.