PlayStation 3's Pros and Cons

For Next Generation's Podcast, Episode 5, PSM's EIC Chris Slate joins us to debate PlayStation 3's advantages and disadvantages as the launch date approaches…

They talk about PlayStation 3's chances as well as the launch titles. Also, we hear from a game agent and discuss the state of independent development.

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achira5896d ago

the ps3 has no cons. its the perfect machine.

THE TRUTH5896d ago

I have no idea why you still have 5 bubbles, you post immature BS everyday grow up

power of Green 5896d ago

And you don't. lol How do you have 6 bubbles?.

Watapata5895d ago

The Truth tends to just express his opinion and back it up to the best of his ability. He's much less adversarial that many people on this site, yourself included.

On a different note though, THAMMER1, usually you offer constructive posts for the site in my opinion, I have to say this one is definitely not one of your best...