Videogamer Exclusive video: Rainbow 6 Vegas VS Rainbow 6 Vegas 2

Videogamer pits the Xbox 360 versions of both games head to head in a graphics deathmatch.

For the purposes of this feature, they've compared the Xbox 360 versions of both games. For what it's worth, Videogamer reckons that Vegas 2's character models, faces and environment textures are much improved, but overall there isn't a massive difference. The original Rainbow Six Vegas was always one of the Xbox 360's better looking games, especially when played on a high definition TV.

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picker3324001d ago

Except rvsv2 is sharper,i mean in rbsv 1 you could not see from far distance,at least i could not.

I garra pick this up.
Just one question,is this rbs supporting 1080p?
Becouse the 1st one had 720 or something.

Statix4001d ago (Edited 4001d ago )

To me, Vegas 1 looks significantly better. You can see it in the overview of the complex cityscape, and the little details like glass particles on the casino carpet, and better fog.

Hydrollex4001d ago (Edited 4001d ago )

Those videos that are foggy and blurry are RB Vegas 1.

In RB vegas 2 the graphics are way better. It no more looks foggy and blurry.

Statix4001d ago

That "foggy" look you speak of is a high-end graphic effect called "HDR." Which appears to be totally absent in Vegas 2.

Dark_Vendetta4001d ago

I completly hated the HDR in the first game and thought I would not buy the second one, but this one looks way better

Panthers4001d ago

You can call that foggy look as high end as you want, R6V2 still looks a little better. However, there is no major change between the 2. They both look like crap compared to CoD4

2 cents4001d ago

And this folks just show that the x360 has reached its max graphical capabilities. Atleast every game coming out on the ps3 looks better than the last.

etownone4001d ago

looks the same.

should have been a noticible improvement. but its not.

but that doesn't mean its a bad thing, still buying this game on day 1

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