Research Findings Put PS3 Ahead of Xbox 360 and Wii

New research has shown massive consumer belief in the PlayStation 3, and waning interest in Xbox 360.

According to the study by Los Angeles based Interpret, 8.9 million U.S consumers 'are prepared' to pay full price ($500 or $600) for the PlayStation 3 this fall, compared to 5.7 million consumers who are willing to buy Wii at $250 and just 800,000 people who are willing to pay full price for Xbox 360 ($300 to $400).

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Funky Town_TX6350d ago

It could/will happen again. Sony has better brand trust, and a bigger fan base. When it comes down to it, it will be about the games. Viva La Killzone PS3.

Maddens Raiders6350d ago

I cannot wait for that game to drop. God, I hope KillZone 2 shreds on PS3. I might have to quit my job for a while when it launches - LOL

Jak4ever6350d ago (Edited 6350d ago )

Sony seems to be gaining serious steam when it matters the most, and thats good for this industry. Its becoming harder and harder to bet against Sony retaining its lead in the console battles, but we willsee what happens.

Dont know about selling the Xbox though, Mass Effect looks sick!

achira6350d ago

wait till the game will be released then you will see that it was cgi what they showed, like GRAW, Oblivion, etc.

Daewoodrow6350d ago

Am I missing something here? How do you make a claim as to what 16 million people will buy from a sample of 2000?

I seriously doubt the plausability of this though. Sure enough, interest in the PS3 could be higher than the thousands of internet polls i've read stated, but not by that much. Somewhere along the line this data is being corrupted, even fanboys should agree this much.

achira6350d ago

have you ever heard something from statistic ? 2000 are enough for 16 milions.

Daewoodrow6350d ago

0.0125% of the total consumers they are predicting for. You think that's a GOOD SAMPLE?? When I took my course in statistics they suggested a minimum of a 5% for a random sampling. This is a web poll with a control study of phoning up random people, which is dodgy enough, and then they go ahead and cut the sample size down by 8000X.

bohemian 236350d ago

So why isn't this on the ps3 part of the site. I want 360 news when I come to the 360 part of the site not Ps3. Typical of this site though they let anything in as news and insert it in random areas.

Bhai6350d ago

Its one hell of a strong fanbase, and man its not even the launch yet, PHEW !!! Really MS has enjoyed their one year of lies on an uber-pc machine but public knows what a generation-leap thay always get with a Sony PS machine and that why they've gathered again. Great work folks !!!

The Snake6350d ago

More importantly, has MS lied as much as Sony?