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That menu screen twang of scraping metal; the grandiose shifting battle-grounds and improbable ancient architecture; the lift-based combat scenes; the QTE's, the blood, the boobs - this is definitely a God of War game. And, for better or worse, God of War: Ascension knows it.

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BXbomber2765d ago


Shikoro2765d ago

Who wants to bet that people will label the game as "average" and "mediocre" because of scores like this? From what I've played, the game is just as good as the other GoW games, but people seem to have gotten tired of the franchise so the score seems "appropriate".

I hope it sells well. :)

Jobesy2765d ago

Tbh, I'm a HUGE GOW fan, but there was no need for another GOW game, prequel or not. They should have let the series end with GOW 3 and move on to another mythological setting. That being said, I can't wait to play Ascension, but please SSM, let Kratos rest.

LessThan2Tflops2765d ago

Maybe it is average and mediocre. I haven't played it so I don't know. But it is getting average reviews

blackstrr4112765d ago

Next up. Gears of war. A game just like God of war. People have gotten used to how awesome it is and the devs can't figure out how to take the series forward that's why I think 7 for both is fair

BigStef712765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

So if that is the case then the same thing should happen to the next Gears game. If they are this nitpicky for Ascension I expect the same for Judgment. If not then these reviewers are a bunch of hypocrites. You can't criticize one franchise for playing it safe while giving another franchise a pass. That's just not right

AsimLeonheart2765d ago

I dont know why the media is out to get GOW when numerous sequels, prequels and reboots get released each month. Nobody complains about Forzas, Halos, Gears of Wars, Marios, Zeldas and Assasins Creeds. This is only the second GOW title this gen and media is going crazy over it.

miyamoto2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

Its a PS3 exclusive.

This is the perfect time to gain more internet traffic for all the gaming sites.

It happens all the time. This crazy frenzy every time a big PS3 exclusive releases.

Look at the sites that give it 8 to 9.5 no one hardly goes there. So 7.5 below or a perfect 10 will guarantee clicks.

Remember God of War III?
It was bashed left and right but it did not prevent the game from selling 9.19 million copies.

And GOW: Ascension technically tops GOW III in every aspect with MP as a bonus.

Don't take them reviews seriously.
Play the demo. Its free.
Real world gamers vote with their wallets not reviews.

Let the true gamer in you be the judge.

InactiveUser2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

"Remember God of War III?
It was bashed left and right"

??? Where do you come up with this? You had to make that up as a preface for your 'ignore the reviews on PS3 exclusives' argument?

GOWIII ~ 92meta - 101 reviews, none under a 8/10:

Even the 8s say things like:
* "stuff of legend.. indeed"
* "certainly the best of the series, with the sense of scale and superb presentation"
* "relentlessly exciting" "Truly epic"
* "stunning visuals" "most refined entry in the series"

92.63%GR - only 2 of 79 reviews under 8/10 (one 70 and one 75)

Who bashed GOWIII left and right?

And where are you getting 9.19 million sold? God of War games sell ~4-5mil.
(or vgchartz, or any other source I've seen)

Ascension is averaging just over an 8/10 and getting it's share of 7/10. Chances are it's still a good game, but not great. Still probably worth buying for anyone interested (like myself), possibly after a price drop, but you don't have to make up BS and tell people to ignore reviews.

Same goes for BX.. ignoring reviews, going to throw your full retail dollars at games day 1 even if they're a 4/10. 7/10s should at least get you thinking about waiting a bit vs SCREAMING about not making the smartest decisions with your money !!EXCLAMATION!!POINTS!!

And it's God of War.. it will sell. I'd assume around 3mil since it's not GOW IV and with it being a bit less than top of the line.

InactiveUser2764d ago

As far as this and other Ascension reviews go..

A lot are saying the beginning is great, the middle is kinda meh, and the ending is pretty good. It's lost 'points' for a less than epic middle apparently.

In this video review:
From 1:58.. then the question at 2:20. Why would Kratos not have the weapons from GOWIII? Because this is a prequel? It's the first game in the timeline. That's why he apparently only or mostly just has the Blades of Athena or whatever they're calling them in this GOW.

Sony3602764d ago

I've not played anything like the demo, so regardless of this I'm getting the game.

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showtimefolks2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

can't wait to pick up my collectors edition

god of war series is my favorite gaming series so no doubt about buying this.

i wish one day david jaffe directs another GOW game for ps4

007Bond2765d ago

Have fun tapping the same buttons over and over again just like the last 3 crappy games :)

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

Have fun tapping the reply button with 0 bubbles left just like the last 3 trolls did :)

Also, anyone who's actually played the demo would know alot has changed. Feels completely different. So before you spew crap next time get your facts right, otherwise you just look like an idiot.

Game0N2765d ago

xbox fanboys are gonna have a field day with this one.

Donnieboi2765d ago

Well at least we got new games/exclusives. Microsoft doesn't even try anymore.

GusBricker2765d ago

360 is getting Gears in a couple weeks. Try harder next time.

TheFirstClassic2765d ago

@GusBricker that's one exclusive, compare that to ps3s list, gow, sly cooper, last of us, ni no kuni, and more. Can't deny that MS should be putting out more exclusives.

Eyeco2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

I didn't no there were still Xbox fanboys left until these GOW reviews, they seemed to have disappeared into obscurity, must have been the lack of games

GusBricker2765d ago

Look at what he said, cpayne93. My comment was to that.

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Derekvinyard132765d ago

Doubt it, it's not a bad score

VINNIEPAZ2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

No they are not. Unlike the insecure PS3 fanboys that plague this site they dont sit in hiding making fun of everything at every waking moment. Cant wait to pick up most special editon with that sweet statue!!!!!!!

neoMAXMLC2765d ago

That's ironic considering just a few comments down a troll had already posted stupidities that had nothing to do with the game only to bash the PS3.

kenshiro1002764d ago

Then why do I see 007Bond in this article?


DOMination-2764d ago

Its funny because up until your post there is nothing of the sort. And in fact only one comment in total that fits your description. Lets fast forward to Judgement reviews and see how bad it is the other way around shall we? You guys claim the ps3 gets a hard time on N4G but its so obviously the other way around its untrue. And the lack of trolling here proves it.

On topic, i think the metacritic will be about accurate for this game.. And Judgement. Probably around 8.5. The game is great Im sure, but people are getting tired of this whole generation. And now with ps4 revealed the scrutiny on the remaining games this gen will be magnified.

Sony3602764d ago

Well done, you just started a fantard war.

Karpetburnz2764d ago

A lot of Xbox fanboys have already been let out of their cages because of this.

The day Xbox 360 gets games is the day the fanboys can start bashing PS3 exclusives.

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RIP_Weazel2765d ago

It's like a pick and mix with the reviews at the moment with several directly contradicting each other. Ho journalism as usual then.

Dante1122765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

Yeah, I thought that too. On the IGN pre review that's up right now, the guy reviewing it said that the story was 12-14 hours long if you play on normal without speeding through. But according to CVG and CC, the campaign is supposedly really short.

I'll get the link, third comment in the comment section.


guitar_nerd_232765d ago

That's about the same conclusion I came to from playing the demo.

Classic God of War, but kind of feels like you've played it already.

I'll pick it up when it comes down in price a bit.

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