The State of PlayStation Network: John Hight Interviewed

A lot of ink has been given to the massive success and appeal of the Xbox Live Arcade as a platform for gamers, developers and publishers. Details about Sony's PlayStation Network, which has both first-party and third-party publishing options, have been harder to come by.

Here, in an interview conducted at GDC, Gamasutra quizzed John Hight, SCEA's director of product development for its first-party published digital games based in its Santa Monica studio. The vast majority of the major 'indie'-style PSN titles such as Everyday Shooter and fl0w are hand-picked by Sony and first-party published - though Sony is also starting to further push its third-party publishing arm, based out of Foster City.

In the chat, however, first-party supremo Hight talks about the company's philosophy towards fostering 'signature' indie developers, why the platform is better-suited to indie development and publishing than the 360, and future plans for the service -- including support for Japanese PlayStation games.

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mighty_douche4184d ago

Anyone else get a Napoleon Dynamite vibe from the caption picture?

decapitator4184d ago

April is the month guys, Mark it down.

sonarus4184d ago

lets hope so sir. That in shirt xmb prank sony pulled was pretty coc
ky. They had better deliver on xmb for sure. PS store overhaul is long overdue so would be glad to have it. Maybe they can also get around to releasing demos any day and not just on Thursdays. Would also be nice to see some of those demo's they have apparently been holding on to for no reason. Smackdown vs raw???

Official General4184d ago

Can I ask and someone explain....what is xmb? What is it all about?

mighty_douche4184d ago

XMB = Cross Media Bar.

Its the interface that is presented to you when you first turn on your PS3/PSP, basically the same as the "blades" on the 360. From where you select movies/games/video/system settings/option etc etc

titntin4184d ago

He may look suspiciously like Alan Partridge (UK readers will know), but he gives a good interview, and I found this article reasonable enlightening.
I do love little downloadbale oddities...and it looks like i'm going to get plenty more, hurrah!

resistance1004184d ago

lol i didn't actually notice that he looks like Alan before you said that.

Marceles4184d ago

He also reminds me of that guy from Happy Gilmore...the calm guy that was trying to coach Happy on how to putt.

"harness, energy, block, bad, you put the quarter in the carousel and it goes up and down and's motion, fluid...all good things."

"The ball's plane has arrived, his bags are already packed.....send him home."

MailMan4184d ago

It's TOO BAD the Xbots have to settle for this:

Jump OUT and Play B3YOND

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