PlayTM: Lost Via Domus Review

Luckily, the polish applied by Ubisoft Montreal sees Lost: The Videogame emerge as a fitting homage to the television series, awash in mystery. Like the show itself, it occasionally frustrates and certainly isn't as complex or involving a proposition as the best examples of the third-person action adventure genre. Nor does it do much more than scratch the surface of what is possible. Then again, gamers are offered up a compelling story, classically 'Lost' in fact, and fans will be more than titillated by this.

Those that aren't fans, however, may find the game's story less invigorating while the simplicity of the gameplay experience itself may be more jarring. Still, as a tour through key elements of Lost seasons one, two and a bit of three, this official tie-in is a cut-above the fate that might have awaited many a licensed videogame.

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