Gamedaily: Lost Planet Review

Gamedaily writes: Capcom had the chance to do something right with the PlayStation 3 port of Lost Planet: Extreme Condition, particularly in the areas of fixing the controls, putting some necessary visual upgrades in place and offering online goodies for PlayStation Network subscribers. Instead, the game is even messier than before, carrying over flaws from the previous versions and coming up with several new ones. As a result, you'll find yourself fighting the game's screw-ups more than the actual in-game Nevec and Akrid opposition.

You'll notice problems with Lost Planet right away. For some inexplicable reason, Lost Planet on the PlayStation 3 requires over 5 GB of hard drive space. There's no way around it, so unless you have one of the bigger hard drive PS3s, you might find yourself out of luck with even starting the game. What's even worse, it never takes full advantage of the hard drive, as it runs choppily a majority of the time. If you have multiple enemies on-screen, the game literally moves about half the speed and sometimes even less. This has a negative effect on the overall gameplay, especially when you attempt to scramble out of the way of an incoming attack and end up getting caught in its wake.

If the game was touched up in any way, hard drive installation and a little slowdown might be understandable. Unfortunately, Lost Planet for the PS3 actually looks worse. The graphics look like they've gone through a grainy filter.

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