G4 Exclusive 'Dead Space' Developers Diary

Want to take a peak behind the scenes at the development process for Dead Space?

G4 thought you might. Take a look at this exclusive video, then visit the new, official Dead Space site via G4.

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green4189d ago

Is he the only human in that space ship?Hope there will be other NPC humans because if he is then it will be too scary.

Anyway this game has slowly climbed into my top 10 must have games this year

The Closing4189d ago

Looks great. Another killer new IP for EA for all the doubters out there.

green4189d ago

true.EA seems to be proving people wrong by releasing 2 good games in just 2 months.And this seems like it will be very good as well

Excalibur4188d ago

October 31st can't get here quick enough.

Rhezin4188d ago

Fable 2, Gears of War 2, Ninja Gaiden 2, Condemned 2, Prototype, The Force Unleashed. Maybe this one it's shtill under consideration. I loved the movie "The Thing" and if this game is kinda like it, then I'm all for it.