Toshiba CEO: HD DVD Didn't Stand A Chance After Warner Left

Via Engadget:

"We had an inkling that the format war was soon to be over when Warner announced it was going Blu-ray just before CES and HD DVD canceled its press conference, but we didn't realize how quickly things would come to an abrupt end. It looks like Toshiba CEO Atsutoshi Nishida was decisive in ending the battle, telling the Wall Street Journal that HD DVD didn't stand a chance after Warner left, and that if HD DVD wasn't "going to win then we had to pull out, especially since consumers were already asking for a single standard." That's interesting, especially since Toshiba issued all those jilted-lover press releases as former partners defected and continued to waffle for another month or so and even air a Super Bowl ad, but we suppose PR people can't go running around saying things like "One has to take calculated risks in business, but it's also important to switch gears immediately if you think your decision was wrong," like the CEO can."

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decapitator4186d ago

Yeah gotta agree. The move by Warner was very unexpected. In fact, most people thought they were going to HD DVD and then out of nowhere, they come out and announce that they are going BD exclusive. Internet explosion was eminent.

sonarus4186d ago

yea but it was the right move. Without warner making that move we would still be going through this format war today. Now maybe these guys can get around to releasing some blu ray titles i really want to buy.

eagle214186d ago

This one is golden PURE GOLDEN.

decapitator4186d ago

Thanks man. I try you know..:)

kewlkat0074186d ago (Edited 4186d ago )

now only if you and Microsoft agreed to put HD-DVD's in all Xbox 360, then you could say the same about Blu-Ray's chances.

Toshiba bad business decisions. This time around. Sony beat you to the punch, on business tactics.

Drekken4186d ago

And if MS did do that, the xbox would of been a year later and pricer AND head to head with Nin and Sony. I dont think xbox would of survived if it didnt get a head start.

fenderputty4186d ago

if they did that, this would be a whole hell of a lot more interesting. Who knows how the 360 would have sold if it's price was higher and it came out at around the same time as the PS3. The format war would most likely still be going on too. That would have just totally jumbled things up.

kewlkat0074186d ago (Edited 4186d ago )

we all know what the Risk that was involved but didn't it pay off? In the end?

By the time PS3 would of been out Xbox 360 would of seen price cuts as well due to the manufacturing process with the 1 year lead. so the price advantage would of gone to MS still.

Plus they would of had a format that could possibly be where Blu-Ray now stand.

Anyhow this is all hypothetical..but in the end no matter how much HD-DVD stand alone were sold, you just could not discount the PS3 as a cheap Blu-Ray player, which has helped the Sales of the PS3 Console for such.

adansirs64186d ago

In sonys case ,They made the right decision along with giving core PS3's good sized hard disk drives standard,Looking back now , All those who wrote off sony are all eating S1T, PLAY BEYOND........YES WE CAN....VOTE OBAMA.

ruibing4186d ago

They should have spend millions on that Super Bowl ad then.

decapitator4186d ago

btw, their superbowl ad was one of the cheesiest thing I have ever seen on tv. You could clearly tell that, they were not putting much effort into making the ad worth something.

Nathaniel_Drake4186d ago

also I've seen that commercial before it ever ran during the Super Bowl so it seemed like they weren't really into reviving the HD-DVD by playing back a rerun

Amp4186d ago

That HD DVD always makes me chuckle

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The story is too old to be commented.