[Throwback Thursday] PlayStation 1: the beginning of the PlayStation era!

Every week on Thursdays we have a special called "Throwback Thursday". Every thursday, we treat a different subject (game related) that had a big impact on the gaming industry. For the first Throwback Thursday: PlayStation 1: the beginning of the PlayStation era!

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miyamoto2052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )

1997 I used to be a huge Sega Saturn fankid but find myself playing PSOne more because it just had tons of great games.

247Gamers2052d ago

I agree. After the SNES, it was the PSOne which stole my heart. I can still remember every game I played on that thing and I can tell you, I played a whole lot of games xD.

miyamoto2052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )

PlayStation was just a force of nature!

Even a diehard Sega gamer/PlayStation hater like me can not escape its dominance.
or maybe because I just love gaming.)

When I first played the PlayStation (the game was Final Fantasy Tactics) but I had no memory card yet so I played it from 9 PM to 12 NN the next day non straight.

I got scolded by my aunt that day but after that I was hooked. And that hate turned into love. LOL! Nice Story?

Thanks for the post. Approved :-)

247Gamers2052d ago


LOL, totally forgot about playing without the memory card. Had the same problem as you, my PlayStation was on all day long :P.

Thanks for the approval!