'SimCity' adding more servers to combat instability

The launch of EA and Maxis's SimCity has been anything but pretty, but the endless cues and sudden progress loss may end when the developer adds more servers to the mix.

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ziggurcat2055d ago

that evil EA... making efforts to try and fix a problem...

NYC_Gamer2055d ago

EA should have made sure the game was stable before they released it for sale

DragonKnight2055d ago

During the Press review of the game, reviewers like TotalBiscuit warned EA of a Diablo 3 situation, even before that fans were warning them of the same thing. EA created the problem they have to fix by having always on DRM for a frickin' single player game.

jmc88882055d ago

That they needlessly created.

One that if anything will help quicken it's demise, as remember if the servers no worky, you can't playee.

Which means, if they need MOAR servers to run the game, then the cost is going to be higher.

The higher the cost, the sooner they shut down the servers.

All necessary for a single player game.

These aren't normal bugs, they are DESIGN DECISIONS.


After all, if it was a bug, why do they have 'queue' times to play a freaking SINGLE PLAYER GAME!

Not a queue to get onto a BF3 server, but to play my OWN game, on MY OWN PC.

2pacalypsenow2055d ago

should of been done weeks ago before the release its too late now

Cirran2055d ago

*In a parallel universe*
"EA Removes Sim City DRM due to slow servers."

That-Guy2055d ago

Oh EA, when will you learn?

Merrill2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

Oh customers, when will you learn to not buy games with DRM.

EA is at fault here, but I don't feel bad for people who bought this game knowing the has always online DRM.

Don't support it, don't buy it!!

Cirran2055d ago

Do torrent it, do crack it!!

sdozzo2055d ago

Doesn't matter. People will still buy it. Why add servers when you won't need them in six months when the number of people playing drops. I know, it sucks but that's how business operates.

jmc88882055d ago

No, it's how business is operating.

There's a difference between legitimate business practices that sometimes have problems, and unnecessary ones such as this.

This isn't how business works. This is how businesses fail.

Though with Genocide Ben and his ZIRP4EVA, idiots like EA will be around far longer than anyone who cares to vote with their wallet will believe.

The people that think 'this is how business operates' don't know how businesses operate. They only know how business screws people over. BIG DIFFERENCE.