Sony quiet on PS3 video store rumour

Eurogamer writes: Sony UK told Eurogamer today that it has nothing to say about reports its American friends have been showing off a PS3 video store to retailers.

Kotaku, which was bang on with its other reports from the Destination PlayStation conference that brought us news of the Metal Gear Solid 4 release date and bundle, reports that the video store was shown off at the same time.

Apparently Sony Pictures-owned films are included, it uses a similar interface to SingStar PS3's SingStore, and North America will be first to see it.

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supremacy4187d ago

i just wished they would remodel the ps store in this fashion, it would look much better and probably be easier to navigate. although i would also love to see sony implement a search engine in the ps store as well, now this would help a lot and maybe different tabs for different sections.

DEADEND4187d ago

They are going to do a over hall to the store really soon, they plain on changing the store next month from what I remember reading last week on this site.

Lifendz4187d ago

Sony's quiet about anything they haven't officially announced yet. In this industry with so much expected from EVERY industry event-E3, GDC, TGS, etc-they have to keep some things secret. That's fine with me. I know it's coming and it'll be not only great to have but also free.

Games, Blu-ray, and extended functionality for PSN = a very good year for Sony.

Cyrus3654187d ago

when is E3? Maybe we'll hear more info about this there?

Daver4187d ago

E3 is in july mid july i think... but we might see more at Sony gamers day in hmmm may i think

Cyrus3654187d ago

Hmm that's too late then...Any big new conf. type events happening in end of march/early april?

ps360s4187d ago

silience...meaning it's

mighty_douche4187d ago

Makes sense to drop it in the US first, as EU gets playTV within a couple months.

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The story is too old to be commented.