New Rainbow Six Vegas 2 screenshots

Ubisoft published today 4 new Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Screenshots. Enjoy.


Ubisoft published a new video related to co-op.

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Kleptic4000d ago

after looking at all the screenshots and gameplay footage of this I could find; this feels more like vegas 1.2 than anything else imo...

Same plastic looking UE3 based environments as the first matter where you are everything looks wet and shiny...It has a heavy focus on 'realism' yet you are insanely accurate shooting from the hip...the cover system was and still is awesome though, as well as the ease of the commands...but bringing both of those back hardly makes this a true sequel...

I don't know...maybe it will prove me wrong...I own the first one, one of the only games I had purchased solely based on reviews (I had never played any version of it before i bought it)...and was left with an overwhelming sense of "this crap is overrated"...

TheExecutive4000d ago

these are rather impressive even if they over bloomed a little bit.

MK_Red4000d ago

I know RVegas is about gameplay and online play but seriously, Vegas 2 looks bad for a launch game let alone a 2nd / 3rd gen game.