Assassin's Creed is becoming the new Call of Duty

Ben Salter of MMGN: I actually enjoyed Assassin’s Creed III, but the announcement of a fourth game just 12 months later has me worried. Very worried. Assassin’s Creed is repeating Call of Duty’s juggernaut cash-grab and is facing a similar premature burn-out, possibly as soon as 2013.

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ritsuka6662417d ago

Ubisoft is just like Activision, they're going to milk a license/series on an annual basis until it's completely dry.

Fateful_Knight2417d ago

I won't buy another Ass Creed until the main protagonist moves like Ryu Hyabusa. The combat system needs a major overhaul in an extreme way. And i want it 60fps.

MooseWI2417d ago

Only way you'd get 60 is by cutting the graphics or the environment size. Or a PC

haggishurler2417d ago

I would like to hear other solutions from those who disagree.

MooseWI2417d ago

@haggishurler, no one will reply, they just openly disagree with facts.

Npugz72417d ago

If you don't like it than dont buy it! But shut up and let everyone else enjoy it!

badz1492417d ago kinda agree with the article, don't you think?

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Xenial2417d ago

Lol bought AC3 day one. Still haven't beat it. xD Why so soon for ACIV?

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The story is too old to be commented.