MLB 13: The Show on PS3 Has 5GB or 10GB Install Options, Patch 1.10 on PS3 and 1.04 on Vita Out Now

MLB 13: The Show launched yesterday on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, with some new patches on both platforms becoming available and two different hard drive install options for you to choose from.

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Relientk772077d ago

10 GB, is a lot so yeah I think its great you can choose the 5 GB install

doctorstrange2077d ago

Annoying they didn't do crossplay

Wedge192077d ago

Reminding me of the MGS4 install options.

nevin12077d ago

This shouldnt be an issue on PS4. I had MLB 09/10 and the load times are horrible.

I also tried the MLB 12 Vita and the load times were aweful.

WeAreLegion2077d ago

The load times are much better on 13. :) I love it!

WeAreLegion2077d ago

I bought it off the PSN. The main game was 11 Gb. The "additional content" was another 10 Gb. I'm not sure why, either. That "additional content" was just some money for various modes.

Does anyone know why the "additional content" was so big?