Microsoft’s new Kinect patent goes Big Brother, will spy on you for the MPAA

Joel Hruska at writes:
Microsoft has filed for a patent on a system that would monitor the number of people watching a movie at home -- and prompt them to buy more licenses if a few friends came over.

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ichimaru2055d ago

"will spy on you"
well good to see N4G's rumor mill is getting less slanderous
said no one

in this solar system


BanBrother2055d ago

This deserves all the slander in the world. This patent is pure evil, nothing less. If it were ever implemented in anything, I would not buy it at all.

Unless they pay me every time a jack-off or have sex in front of it. Has to work both ways. They are getting a free show out of everything.

SilentNegotiator2055d ago

The US government already allows monitoring of the entire internet as to get people on a six strike system that allows corporations to punish copyright infringement WITHOUT bringing it to court.

When will we put our foot down?

nix2055d ago

4 months old news but it's still pretty scary.

BullyMangler2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

sounds like yee know yur stuff . another word for big brother is illuminatti reptillians . .and if you do not believe me or the FACT that you will be looked upon by jealous and envious beings called draconians through microsofts next stay at home and stay oblivious to whats really going on gaming machine, then you best think twice about what is movie and what is reality, because all movies are inspired by true events based on meta physical manifestations that yall think is just hollywood fun times. . .. . in time you will all know and come to understand why the heck nintendo is so damn powerful and on top of ALL. this is not YOUR planet, gaia is theirs, we are just intruders to THEM vibrating at level 3 . most of you will stay at level 3, and never evolve into levels 5 and higher where LOVE and CREATION are one . . sitting at home wasting your time playing games not knowing the TRUTH about Mother Earths hidden activity is where they want us . .i recommend you guys play Metroid Other M or Perfect Dark 64 to understand a little bit about what they DONT want YOU to KNOW about . . anyone disagreeing with me will find themselves having an out of body experience shortly . .

Nevers2054d ago

I was paranoid about what the Kinect was doing when ON but not in use already anyway, so mine has been unplugged for months now.

DOMination-2054d ago

But i thought patents don't mean anything? That's what you guys said when Sony filed one to block used games on ps4 anyway.

ichimaru2054d ago

"pure evil" XD please do explain what Microsoft plans on doing after they have exacted their dastardly planned and collected enough footage of your living room. which agency gets the goods first, NSA, no no Interpol

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Knight_Crawler2055d ago

Rumor has it that the XBox 720 will serve you ice cold Guinness and fried Bacon glazed with Nutella.

Mr_cheese2055d ago

Fried bacon glazed in nutella sounds horrible lol, do people actually eat that?

BDSE2055d ago

@Mr_cheese I knew someone who would eat bacon sandwiches with tomato ketchup and Nutella. He's was nuts though, like proper nuts.

konnerbllb2055d ago

I'll just hang a picture of someone sitting on my couch of the kinect. Homer Simpson maybe. Problem solved

Mr_cheese2055d ago

Just a thought, but cant we simply unplug it...

JsonHenry2055d ago

They kinect already spies on you and they've been caught doing it and admitted to it. Most gamers don't care about this and others deny it even though it was front page news. This type of tech just goes in line with this story here -

These companies are getting tax breaks and other incentives to work this sort of technology into your consumer electronics. The head of the CIA recently bragged in a press conference that everything including your washing machine is now spying on you for them through the use of smart grid technology. Seriously I am surprised so many people try to bury their heads in the sand and say it isn't true when they admitted as much on national television themselves.

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LackTrue4K2055d ago

what if im chocking the chicken in MY LIVING ROOM, will this thing see me....?!?!

"Old MacDonald had a farm,

And on his farm he had some chicks,

knifefight2055d ago

Point into the camera, smile, finish.

Cupid_Viper_32055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

Pfff.... First world problem

I have an easy solution to this problem.

If everyone in the room stand in a straight line one behind another, you can fool the Kinect into thinking that you're just one very large person with slightly more limbs than the average person.

And if that sh!t can also track your eyes, than I suggest that you best be the first to get to poking.

you'll thank me later.


The internet is considered a public place. Therefore it's the same thing as standing on a sidewalk doing it. The police will come, arrest, and put you in jail.

dredgewalker2055d ago

You forgot that you are entitled to have your privacy inside your own home. This is a violation of your rights.

SilentNegotiator2055d ago

You can call any phone number. Do you think phone calls are "public space"?

HeavenlySnipes2055d ago

I can't believe you took your time to type such an idiotic rationalization for this. Lmao wow

Root2055d ago

Blue Tac - Camera Lens - Problem Solved

SilentNegotiator2055d ago

If they ever go to the trouble of implementing such a patent, they'll PROBABLY consider that and not allow you to watch that way.

ThatXboxGuy2055d ago


Thats it for me and xbox.You just go too far Microsoft.Every time.

classic2002055d ago

LOL if microsoft can make a guy called thatxboxguy upset then its really bad

Kingthrash3602055d ago

Lmmfao! Wow......awsome, thats....just ....awsome.

shoddy2055d ago

Now this guy have common sense.

SDF Repellent2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

@ThatXboxGuy (a.k.a the artist formerly known as ThatKansasGuy),

After switching the PS logo to the xbox logo, I see you also changed your user name. Now you have completely infiltrated the Microsoft camp. What tricks you got next? That is as low a fanboy can go. LOL

Wenis2055d ago

I highly doubt that the Kinect 2 will actually be spying on you. But at the same time it makes me wonder why they even bother patenting crap like this.

joab7772055d ago

I actually read this somewhere else that if too many ppl are in a room watching a movie, it wont play the movie or prompt for more money.

But, like used games etc., i think that they patent fir the future. If it doesnt play blu rays like one source mentioned...i guess it would have to be digital and i would have to own one.