Brigade Engine’s developer believes that PS4 will offer Ray/Path Tracing, New Screenshot & Video

DSOGaming writes: "Ray Tracing is considered by a lot as the holy grail of computer graphics and lighting. However, there haven’t been any engines capable of offering such a feature in the last couple of years. And even though we’ve got some path tracing engines lately, like the Brigade 2 Engine, we’ve still have a long way until we get games without those annoying noise side-effects. Or not? According to Samual Lapere, OTOY’s graphics developer, Playstation 4 might be able to offer real-time ray tracing in a couple of games."

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Cobain192051d ago

Incoming ray tracing in next-gen games huh? Sounds promising

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2051d ago

Sure does. I remember being blown away by raytracer in my old animation days. Didn't gt5 use some slight raytracing in it's photo mode?

T9002051d ago

Not gonna happen. If it will it will be reserved for the highest end of PCs. Mid range PCs might be able to handle it 2-3 years later.

jony_dols2051d ago

Obviously T900 knows the PS4 tech better than the head graphics developer of the Brigade 2 engine.

/sarc x 100000000000 0000000000 0000000000

T9002051d ago


Best not to fall for hype. Before PS3 was launched there were chants of 1080p capable, although it was termed "capable", most people assumed most games will be running in 1080p. Bottom line none of the demanding games ever ran in 1080p most were limited to 720p.

Xbox 360 claimed to have some form of tessellation never used it in games.

Console makers generally promise more to create hype deliver less, its a fact.

DeadlyFire2051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )

The new OpenRL API could be in use in one or both new consoles. There has been no official word from either side.

OpenRL itself is setup for use in combination with OpenCL and possibly other APIs like OpenGLES. Its funny PS has used a variation of OpenGLES for quite a while. GPGPUs use OpenCL. So its possible the API exists and runs on the hardware without any extra hardware at all.

We don't really know the potential of OpenRL as it was designed to be used with an extra chip in combination with hardware that already exists, but no games have ever been made in motion for it just yet. We could see some interesting stuff regardless of it being there or not.

Its funny how PS4 spec sheets on rumors always had a 922 Gigaflops number behind the 1843 spec as well. It could be OpenRL chip, but only time will tell.

jony_dols2050d ago


It was Sony and their 1st party studios that hyped up 1080p gaming on the PS3 pre-launch.

This is a 3rd party engine software dev with no affiliation to the Playstation brand that is saying that the hardware may be capable of real-time ray tracing. Hence the sarcasm about N4G commenters knowing the hardware capabilities of an unreleased console above professional graphics developers with hands-on experience.

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ATi_Elite2051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )

Oh boy I guess Next week the PS4 can cure Cancer and Terraform Mars into an Earth like planet!

Sure the HD7770 or HD7750 that's going into the PS4 has Ray Tracing capabilities BUT.....

Currently every Ray Tracing Engine you see running is being done on a GTX580 SLI or higher set-up!

Sure there is plenty of optimization left to do BUT....

Ray Tracing is a "Crysis Moment" for PC Gamers. We are not gonna have a Ray Traced game for another 2 to 3 years and we are all gonna have to upgrade to play it meaning the PS4/x720 with their by then OBSOLETE hardware will not be able to handle it.

There is speculation as to whether the PS4 can handle Arma 3 on Ultra and you guys wanna bring up Ray Tracing....OMG!

OpenGL2050d ago

2-3 years seems like a very liberal estimate, unless Nvidia's Maxwell and successors are truly remarkable.

zebramocha2050d ago

@ati the ps4 gpu is in between an hd 7850/7870,imagination technology has purchase a company that develop a chip to accelerates ray tracing.

HiddenMission2050d ago

Dude did someone piss in your cereal or something. Your a PC fan I get it, you don't think highly of PS4 I get it.

Thing is 3rd party developers believe it's more than possible so you gain nothing by talking down the PS4...really you gain nothing.

If gamers and developers want to believe and enjoy doing so why does it affect you at all?

Why don't you just go play Arma 3 on Ultra and be happy while console gamers look forward to our next gen?

grailly2050d ago

Am I the only one to think that lighting in games is overrated? I'm fine with texture lighting, I don't think that having it be dynamic or realistic adds much.

good shaders do look quite good, but it seems like so much work goes into lighting when it really doesn't add much

SatanSki2051d ago

Not gonna happen if you want to render more then some balls and cubes. Hardware is just waaay to weak

OpenGL2051d ago

Agreed, it's a waste of hardware resources anyway, look at how slow Nvidia's raytracing tech demos were on the GTX 580, a GPU that is pretty similar in power to what is in the PS4.

We might see some ray-tracing tech-demos but rasterization is much more efficient so games will continue to use it.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2051d ago

It IS pretty friggin slow. took me an hour once to render one frame of a room that only had a window and a table in it. But that was one gorgeous table lol.

nirwanda2051d ago

Looks great when it's still and then it moves and you get noise everywhere and thats exactly what you don't need in gaming.

cyhm31122051d ago

10 years later at least if you want to do it properly and holistically

Psychotica2051d ago

I remember doing some ray tracing with my old Commodore Amiga, it used to take hours to generate a single picture.

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