Is Sony Putting Too Much Faith in the Killzone Franchise?

Push Square: "Let’s be brutally honest: Killzone has never quite reached its true potential. Despite the media pegging the original sci-fi shooter as Sony’s answer to Master Chief, the Guerrilla Games developed first-person franchise has struggled to appeal outside of its core community, garnering a vocal fanbase sans the mainstream appeal of Microsoft’s unstoppable Halo series. But with the Helghast playing a pivotal part in two of PlayStation’s biggest first-party releases this year, is the platform holder putting too much faith in a brand that has frequently failed to attract universal attention?"

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ArchangelMike2104d ago (Edited 2104d ago )

I think that was the problem from the start - Master Chief. Not that Halo is the problem, but it's the comparisons and the expecataion of a "Halo Killer" that the media and the fanboys unfairly thrust upon the Killzone franchise.

Kilzone on it's own, is a great franchise. The thing with Sony, is that it doesn't rely on only one or two franchises to sell it's consoles. I for one am happy with the vast diversity of games that the Playstation platform offers. God of War: Ascension (co-op anyone), The Last of Us, Beyond:Two Souls, and yes Killzone (among others).

It'll be interesting to see what franchises MS majors on with it's next Gen console. I think Sony has shown a healthy mix of new franchises as well as old, going forward. Hopefully they maintain the diversity of games with the PS4 and don't just rely on FPS.

ritsuka6662104d ago

Killzone series was never a popular franchise for FPS fans to begin with so I don’t think it would be enough for competitor against Halo franchise.Anyway,I don't expect Killzone to compete with Halo or Batlefield franchise,fact is they're both games with greatness in different areas and if you don't like one or the other it's purely taste.

DarkHeroZX2104d ago

lol are you joking? killzone is very popular, it's no halo fan base wise but there is a worthy user base to develop games for.

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despair2104d ago

so a game that sells a lot, gets good ratings and spawned multiple sequels is not popular?

Muerte24942104d ago

It had one thing that no other game had in mulitplayer at the time. People complained about the weighted feeling but I didn't mind at all. It seems to me alot of people preferred it over Killzone 3. In KZ2 multiplayer you could one shot in the head with a single bullet from your pistol. It made to were even if you had an overpowered weapon, a skilled player could still take you out with just a pistol and one bullet.

M4 one shot

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guitarded772104d ago (Edited 2104d ago )

I would compare Killzone to Battlefield instead of Halo. It has far more in common with Battlefield, which makes it one of my favorite shooters.

I always felt Resistance was more like Halo... Resistance felt like a cross between Halo and CoD.

I also felt Crysis was a bit like Halo too with the more openness and the super jump akin to Halo.

Whatever the case, I don't think of them as "killers", just a company response to grabbing a piece of a huge market. Sometimes a dev sees something in another game and feels it will work inside their game. Nothing wrong with that as long as the game taking inspiration is good.

EDIT: Oh, and I don't think Sony is putting TOO much faith in Killzone. Sony has shown a solid line-up for the PS4 INCLUDING Killzone, and will show even more at E3 this year.

despair2104d ago

the original resistance reminded me a bit of Half Life 2, but the second one was more like COD which was not good. Haven't played the third so can't comment.

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T22104d ago

I agree I feel that resistance and kz are Sonys halo , gears however they arent relying on anything because we know Sony will also release adventure, racing, rpg games...
Honestly if you were a fps fan only the xbox was your system. Nothing can compete with halo, gears plus cod splinter cell , etc ... Most people I knew with xbox played fps 90% of the time

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badz1492104d ago

what's this hate for Killzone is all about? does Sony took your money or kill your dog in order to make the next Killzone? if no, so shut up! the series has it's own fans and if it's not selling enough, why would Sony make another 1 or 2 for this year? it's the best FPS in their arsenal, period and they are people looking forward to it...myself for example!

so, stop hating and go play your favorite franchise, maybe? if your preferred franchise is so much better and oh so good, why waste your time hating on the not-so-popular Killzone? haters are so lame!

stuna12104d ago

Is Microsoft putting to much faith in Halo? Is Nintendo putting to much faith in Mario? Is Apple putting to much faith in Angry Birds? I can go on and on and on! But I think all of them use titles that are easily identifiable with the console.

Most games that are unheard of would be enough to spark interest in the launch of new consoles, as opposed to a title that's easily recognisable by the current generations fanbase.

Good_Guy_Jamal2104d ago

Halo capable of selling 10 million units and moving consoles? Yup!
Mario? Yup!
Gran Turismo? Heck yeah!
Killzone? Lol don't kid yourself.

despair2104d ago

its all relative, but I agree its not as big a seller as the others mentioned. It still sells quite a bit but as you know the PS3 user base is quite cheap with our wallets.

stuna12104d ago

If you read the comment you would have got the point! Sure it might not sell as much, but it's still a recognisable franchise for Sony.

Veneno2104d ago

Guerrila should really come out with their new IP instead of yet another Killzone. Even if it was never meant as a Halo killer, PlayStation still needs its own mega FPS to call its own. Killazome will never reach that status. It is one of the graphics kings but it needs more. Halo looks dated and yet still sells millions

If Guerrilla really must do another Killzone I hope it really turns around character wise in Shadowfall. The game needs a goodmstory and likeable characters. If you asked Joe blow gamer what Killzone was about they wouldnt know.

Bottom line: Killzone is a graphics leader, awesome, now it ABSOLUTELY NEEDS to improve on all other aspects starting with the story and characters or they seriously need to just move on to the next thing.

nevin12104d ago

I think its more that Sony is looking at Killzone as the launch killer app for PS4.

Gimmemorebubblez2104d ago

I disagree with most of you guys. Halo is built on hype created by MS's billions. Take Warhawk and Starhawk. When Sony had lots of cash in its pockets they used to market games fairly well. When Warhawk launched it was marketed decently but ended up selling nearly 2 million units. Fast forward a few years and Starhawk releases, a better game but sell like Shi* because of lack of marketing. My point is, if Sony markets Killzone on a massive scale then Killzone could rival Halo's sales.

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gijsbrecht2104d ago

This is the nice thing with Sony. They are not putting faith in one particular game / franchise; there are lots of them. As for Killzone, I honestly believe it is a solid franchise (sales wise) with enough fans. For me personally it is the best shooter around and one of my favorite game franchises. And I am not alone in thinking so. So I am glad it will be continued on the PS4.

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