3 reasons Sony will beat Microsoft next generation

Joseph DiGrado writes: "There is no doubt that Sony and Microsoft have been going at it hard for the last two generations, now going on their third. While each company has had it’s ups and downs, Microsoft is still yet to dominate a console generation. It seems that now is Microsoft’s chance to do so but Sony could have another thing coming for them. here are 3 major factors in which I believe Sony will have the advantage and eventually dominating Microsoft next generation."

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KangarooSam2055d ago

1. It's Sony.
2. It's Microsoft.
3. Pretty self explanatory.

PoSTedUP2055d ago

lmao, as in.. "the PS4 is going to f(_)*k $#It up!"....? : P

PR_FROM_OHIO2055d ago

That was pretty funny lol!!!

Ezio20482055d ago

Damn funny!! :D :D Bubble for you mate..!
N yeah, Sony s gonna rape Nintendo and Microsoft both. :P

BattleAxe2054d ago

1. Play B3yond
2. It Only does Everything
3. Long Live Play

knowyourstuff2054d ago

I'm surprised they could only come up with 3 reasons... this site came up with 72 reasons lol

AngelicIceDiamond2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

Reason number 1 is the only one that valid the other 2 reasons aren't good reasons at all.

Sony has some impressive tech in the PS4. But claiming victory over rumored specs of MS next gen is pathetic? MS hasn't announce anything regarding a new Xbox even exist let alone specifications on it.

More studios: Sony always had that advantage over MS when it comes to dedicated studios. MS opened up more studios in the past couple of years it'll be interesting to see what they bring.

Can people please just wait until MS announce something before claiming anything?

EDIT: Hmm disagree with out a proper reply saying why, Fanboys will be fanboys. Does this make make my comment better "PlayStation is the greatest in the world and will destroy MS aggghhh." ( :

Mainsqueeze2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

The hardcore gaming community might not like it, but Microsoft might end up being in first place next gen depending on whether or not the new kinect appeals to casual gamers. Its the same reason why Nintendo had the most sales this gen.

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born2live2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

Awesome. With that comment, I can finally figure out the Sony fanboy to the 360 fanboy ratio on N4G. So far, about 4 Sony fanboys for 1 xbox fanboy. Interesting...

Divine2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

as owner as all systems and a fanboy of quality i can tell you that sony will be dominating , sony has quality over quantity every body knows that sony is better its mostly ms fanboys who refuse lol they are scared of quality but i cant wait for next gen!

insomnium22054d ago


Yeah I really don't get it why would this site be neutral only if MS and Sony and Nintendo were equally liked? I mean all 3 of them have a different approach and different styles of getting to people and after the disaster that x360 has been from a loyal hc-fan pov saying bad things about MS is being a fanboy? Pffft whatever dude.

In my books MS has a long way of reclaiming itself after x360. I effing loved the xbox but x360? Not at all. I freaking hate the things x360 brought to the table. They cut corners with the hw and flip flopped their target audience midflight.

It doesn't help AT ALL to see that particular fanbase here in N4G accepting and even liking the things MS has done after all the years of BS they've thrown against Sony and PS3 and still do.

MikeMyers2054d ago

insomnium2, you are wrong on so many levels. The PC has a very large gaming fanbase yet here on N4G they are hardly represented. It is no secret this site is dominated by Sony fans, and no I am not referring to the fanboys since there are fanboys for every sector out there. So there is no point in singling out the Sony fanboys.

As for Sony beating Microsoft so far what I have seen I like about the PS4. Of course price, games at launch and the online will give me more information before I decide to get one. Right now I don't know much about the next Xbox other than rumors and Microsoft's direction leading into it from the Xbox 360. So I am open to seeing what they offer. I have no bias like you.

Knight_Crawler2055d ago

The PS4 is a Halo Killer...quick hide yo kids hide yo wife.:)

Godmars2902055d ago

Still too much not known. Like what MS is going to do as well as Sony. like the PS4's launch date.

PoSTedUP2055d ago

yeah i wonder if it's worth it for MS to announce the 720* at their event this year if they might not release it this year..

MysticStrummer2055d ago

Yessir. I'm a PS guy and don't much care what MS does, but can we not at least wait for MS's next move before declaring supreme victory?

jollygoodchap82055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

Exactly...waaayy too early to declare a victor...the next gen hasn't even started yet! MS hasn't shown anything yet, Valve haven't shown anything yet. For real, wait until all the cards are shown.

PhiMattic2055d ago

It will be interesting to see how everything turns out.

reddead2552055d ago

this is sonys year to show what gaming is all about i know for sure sony will be number one like it always has been they just needed that little spark.

Romudeth2055d ago

Sony has a really good shot at outdoing MS this gen. They're clearly more focused on games and gamers and not side stuff like kinect or apps on your console.

This is going to be an interesting console war that's for sure.

JeffGUNZ2054d ago

haha how do you know that since we have no confirmed facts about ANYTHING MS related for next gen? Do some research, MS opened up several new studios in the last few years, they haven't really released any serious exclusives other then halo and now GearS Judgement in the last 1-2 years. All those signs point to those studios developing new IPS for next gen. We have no idea what Sonys shot is until Microsoft reveals their console.

Romudeth2054d ago

On the warzone #190 one of our industry insiders told us all about Sony and MS' plans for next gen. This man has given us accurate information before so I trust him when he say that MS' plans are more about having the Xbox be a media hub. This goes along with their past actions as well.

Have a listen:

JeffGUNZ2054d ago

Thanks for the link, but still, it's just rumors until announced. The PS4 is looking like they want to be a media hub as well. Both consoles want to be the focal point of the living room. I am not denying that MS is going to do one thing or the other, but at least lets give them a reveal before we draw final conclusions.