Can Sony London be PlayStation’s Secret Weapon?

The gaming community ignored the EyeToy, made jokes about PlayStation Home, and can't even confirm that anyone actually bought a Wonderbook, but one Gamers Association editor believes that Sony London could play a major role in the life of the PlayStation 4. Is he right, or just out of his mind?

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Root2145d ago

I just want them to stop the crap they keep churning out and make Eight Days or The Getaway 3.

The Eight Days gameplay videos looked had like a Lethal Weapon/NCIS: LA vibe to it.

I mean even the black character while hanging from a helicopter said "I'm too old for this s***"

BitbyDeath2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

I don't agree, sure Eight Days looked awesome but i would much rather diversity in genre and Sony London generally offer what nobody else does.

Thatguy-3102145d ago

Sony London is to Sony what rare is to Microsoft. I hope 8 days comes to the ps4. That game looked like uncharted on steroids especially if it's co-op

jimbobwahey2145d ago

Sony London is to Sony what Rare is to Microsoft alright, an utterly useless studio.

I can't believe Sony shut down their incredibly talented Liverpool studio but let London stay in operation so that they can keep churning out utter crap.

Sony Liverpool were an integral part of the PlayStation brand since the beginning and Wipeout HD remains to this day one of the best games on the system, as well as one of the most technically impressive, but all that talent got thrown out just so Sony's rubbish London studio could keep churning out garbage like Eyepet and Wonderbook.

I'll be shocked if Sony London ever put out a title that's even half as good as the brilliance we saw from Sony Liverpool.

DOMination-2145d ago

Well the reason why SCE London stays open is because they made Sony a LOAD of money through the Singstar IP and through HOME whereas SCE Liverpool pretty much kept making the same game over and over selling less copies each time. Not to mention that on consoles they've only released ONE retail game in the last ten years which was Fusion for PS2.

Also, SCE London are developing the UI for PS4.

adorie2145d ago

I want Mel Gibson to do a voice for Eight Days, after announcing it for the PS4 and claiming the remaining ram that's not being used by the OS, will be fully used for Eight Days.

sinncross2145d ago

I think Sony London needs to get 8 Days out.

I have no problem with what they tend to focus on... but I think the PS4 will have a high price point so they really need to develop games from the start that grab the interest of the hardcore gamer.

If there are PS4 Eyes in development from them then so be it... Sony London has become that studio for Sony, in offering alternate gameplay options to the traditional games offered by the rest of Sony's studios.

This variety is actually what attracts people to the Sony brand.

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iGAM3R-VIII2145d ago

Personally, PS Home was a very cool thing, I haven't played it in a long time but it adds something to the PS3, I would love to see it on the PS4. Also, Sony London made some very innovative stuff, it would be neat to see what the can bring

clintagious6502145d ago

Exactly, alot of ppl dont understand that Home was actually pretty cool. To me it felt like facebook in a virtual world. I can see why alot of casual ppl liked it was because u can do so many things in home that could keep u busy for hours. If anything home would have been perfect on the ps4 because the lack of memory on the ps3 but was still a great social idea by sony. I think they should continue it, I bet it will be even better on the ps4 if they decide to have it.

GribbleGrunger2145d ago

And of course, if they run it through Gaikai, HOME can appear on a multitude of devices that best serve the youtube/Facebook crowd.

joab7772145d ago

I dont use it either but it could be pretty awesome on ps4 if it is done right. Incorporate facebook or twitter and ustream. Call it something else like playstation world (which may be the new plus service). Hell,u could make the OS launch into ur apartment, or mansion. U can hold events that announce gamez etc., but only in ps home. It can be done right. New memory will help. If u can get right to it and move from place to place without long loading times, it will help. It can be done.

BitbyDeath2145d ago

Hopefully SingStar will continue to be free2play on the PS4.

smashcrashbash2145d ago

Only the idiots made jokes about Home.If they actually have seen how far it has come and how unique it is they wouldn't be making jokes. The world home has given us has given us extra entertainment on the PS3.You should see the amount of people that are in new places in home and how many of them but stuff like super powers and animals you can ride on. The only people who make jokes about Home are jealous that they don't have something so diverse on their console. If it was Nintendo who did it you would see all the praise they would be getting for it.

2145d ago
clintagious6502145d ago

Totally agree. I really hope sony puts home in the ps4 aswell.

jay22145d ago


KillrateOmega2145d ago

I'm sorry, but I can't understand your comment. It's simply too loud for me to process :P

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