Next Generation Console Discussions: No Such Thing As DDR5

Mobile & Apps: "Not too long after Sony announced the PlayStation 4 and that it will come packed with 8GB of super fast GDDR5 RAM, many gamers seem to totally forget a "G" is present and began to call the thing DDR5. Well, there is no such thing as DDR5; it does not yet exist in any shape or form."

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GribbleGrunger3066d ago

LOL... 'The missing 'G'

Definitely article material.

RememberThe3573066d ago

I'm actually happy someone came out and cleared it up. Tech terms are not common language and clarification is sometimes needed for anything to make sense.

I had no idea there were two types of RAM, so this was useful to me. You learn something new everyday. :)

Ju3066d ago

Oh please. A page about a letter without saying much. Do really no more now other than they are called differently? I mean, really? Goes on and on about the G. (lol, at least he PS4 got the G ;)

SilentNegotiator3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

Hey, DDR5 can be a ABBREVIATION, then :P

At least until DDR5 actually becomes a thing.

falcon793066d ago

Ive said it before the G stands for graphics.

George Sears3066d ago

They are more than two types.

knowyourstuff3066d ago

This is just nerdy OCD ad nausea. There's more than two types of RAM, and no one cares what any of it is called. Get a life people.

SolidStoner3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

So in the end there is GDDR5 instead of DDR5... and

"We should brace ourselves for a cheaper next generation Xbox compared to the Sony PlayStation 4."

I did know this in 2005!!!!

nveenio3066d ago

There exists significantly more than two types of RAM. In fact, back in the 90s, RAM was super confusing. But this? This is not confusing at all. Of course it's all graphics RAM. It's shared with the graphics card...


Azmatik3066d ago

Ok this is what i dont get.... Can anyone clear this up ill try n make sense here. So PS4 has 8gb GDDR5 and thats the only RAM it actually has right? And if the 8gb GDDR5 is shared RAM for video and OS/apps and loading wouldnt it still make RAM thats dedicated to strictly loading apps and operating system DDR5?

SilentNegotiator3066d ago

CLEARLY.....I should have put "/s" at the end....

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ATi_Elite3066d ago

GPU Memory = GDDR5 = Graphic Double Data Rate (Generation) 5

CPU Memory = DDR3 SDRAM = Double Data Rate (Generation) 3, Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory

GPU GDDR6 arrives in 2014 for the PC
CPU DDR4 arrives in 2013 for the PC

hope that clears things up!!!

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jivah3066d ago

@AraK but APUs are not a CPU and a GPU mashed together. That would insist something like the Cell inside the PS3. A CPU that has the ability to do of GPU level rendering. When essentially an APU is a CPU and a GPU shrunk down to fit on the same die

ZoyosJD3066d ago

GDDR is a variation of DDR first put in place with Nvidia's geforce FX 5800 being a variation based off ddr2-sdram.

gddr5 is the current graphics variation of ddr3.

The memory itself is still very much similar to the point that they can serve the same purpose as will be the ps4s case with a unifed pool for both.

Your explanation, separating the two, does nothing for those who are genuinely curious and confused by the ps4s useage of one form.

Please consider the question at hand before anwsering "superiority coming in two years at an insane price i will pay."

It's ok, I understand.

DigitalSmoke3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

You seem to forget that there's no PC that does what the PS4 does, the ram is NOT separate on the PS4.

I know you guys ignore this little fact, and all ACT as if you can, but on a x86 setup it is IMPOSSIBLE to mimmick the PS4's main CPU/GPU > RAM pool.

PC will be faster in time, but they cannot do the same.


Gamer19823066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

Once the DDR4 memory comes along the advantages of GDDR5 start to diminish again. DDR4 will enable higher densities at comparable speeds as well as upgradeable modules which might be more desirable for customers The new Intel processors will support DDR4 later this year.

N4g_null3066d ago

Comput shaders on a pc means that yes a pc can use the video cards gddr5 ram. This is possible with cuda or open cl. This is the perk of gpgpu programming.

So I have had this type of functionality on a pc for years now. This is also going to be a future design of newer low power pc. Not high end pcs, they will still use pic express or some thing faster.

So yes I can't build a ps4 I can only build a pc better than a ps4 since the cards worth buying on pc have way more comput shader performance and tflops. What is even cooler is the prices will fall as new tech comes out.

LessThan2Tflops3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )


PCs using separate CPU/gpu and separate RAMis a good thing, there's no reason to "mimick" an apu. We already have APUs in laptops, it's a compromise because of limited space and power use.

It's like saying you want a gaming pc to mimick a laptop

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360ICE3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

It is though. It's good to see some informative writing, and not just "X is going to fail (even though I have no knowledge about business and no inside information)".

SatanSki3066d ago

Yeah. I hoped for more technical details.

Psn8003066d ago

Standard Bus clock
(MHz) Internal rate
(MHz) Prefetch
(min burst) Transfer Rate
(MT/s) Voltage DIMM
pins SO-DIMM
pins MicroDIMM
DDR  100–200  100–200 2n 200– 400  2.5/2.6 184 200 172
DDR2 200–533  100–266 4n 400– 1066 1.8 240 200 214
DDR3 400–1066 100–266 8n 800– 2133 1.5 240 204 214
DDR (DDR1) was superseded by DDR2 SDRAM, which had modifications for higher clock frequency and again doubled throughput, but operates on the same principle as DDR. Competing with DDR2 was Rambus XDR DRAM. DDR2 dominated due to cost and support factors. DDR2 was in turn superseded by DDR3 SDRAM which offered higher performance for increased bus speeds and new features. DDR3 will likely be superseded by DDR4 SDRAM, which was first produced in 2011 and whose standards are still in flux (2012) with significant architectural changes.
DDR's prefetch buffer depth is 2(bits), while DDR2 uses 4. Although the effective clock rates of DDR2 are higher than DDR, the overall performance was no greater in the early implementations, primarily due to the high latencies of the first DDR2 modules. DDR2 started to be effective by the end of 2004, as modules with lower latencies became available.[11]
Memory manufacturers stated that it was impractical to mass-produce DDR1 memory with effective transfer rates in excess of 400 MHz (i.e. 400MT/s and 200 MHz external clock) due to internal speed limitations. DDR2 picks up where DDR1 leaves off, utilizing internal clock rates similar to DDR1, but is available at effective transfer rates of 400 MHz and higher. DDR3 advances extended the ability to preserve internal clock rates while providing higher effective transfer rates by again doubling the prefetch depth.
RDRAM was a particularly expensive alternative to DDR SDRAM, and most manufacturers dropped its support from their chipsets. DDR1 memory's prices substantially increased since Q2 2008 while DDR2 prices declined. In January 2009, 1 GB DDR1 was 2–3 times more expensive than 1 GB DDR2. High density DDR RAM will suit about 10% of PC motherboards on the market while low density will suit almost all motherboards on the PC Desktop market.

3-4-53066d ago

Such a Poindexter article.

Eddie201013066d ago

GDDR5 is still faster than GDDR3 and is faster than DDR3. Pointless argument.

Most people have been reffering to the PS4 memory correctly at least the one who care about such things the others don't know much about the parts of computer and consoles anyway and probably don't care or need to know.

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mistertwoturbo3066d ago

Did you two not read the article?

JeepGamer3066d ago

Yes I did. Apparently people on their little disagree fest need to relax a bit.

This headline and snippet from the article were intentionally done in a seemingly negative way to get people to hit the link. The actual content of the article not withstanding, it was trolling for page hits.

Kurt Russell3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

It's clearly not trolling. I honestly didn't know the difference until just now... you're just a typical over reactive child who spits their dummy out at the smallest hint of something possibly negative being said about your beloved corporation (which wasn't even the case with this article).

papashango3066d ago

You'll notice here on N4G. Just the act of an article or comment not seeing eye to eye with the people here is often referred to as trolling.

I'm just going to attribute this to N4G user base growing as more younger people join. I don't think they know what trolling actually means.

BanBrother3066d ago


That is a prime example of why whenever fanboys (of whatever console) make out as if the media is attacking their beloved corporation, I just laugh. Thank you for making my day.

Damn, it's raining outside. "WHY DOES WATER HATE ME??"

knifefight3066d ago

Because you left the 'G' out of Gwater.

dredgewalker3066d ago

You also forgot to bring the Gumbrella and a Graincoat.

RyuCloudStrife3066d ago

water hates me...................

fermcr3066d ago

Yep... it's all about finding the sweet 'G' Spot.

jocomat93066d ago

cchum the ladies are gonna love you.

SilentNegotiator3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

"That's a myth!"

VoiceMale3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

So question what about the system ram I was under impression that the memory mentioned previously was system..or is it gonna be used in conjunction with the APU...can somebody clear this up a bit for me if u will?

sobekflakmonkey3066d ago

yeah, the APU is a GPU and CPU mashed together, so naturally, the 8GB GDDR5 ram will be used in conjunction with the APU, thats generally how ram works in any case really, and at the same time it will be used for other such operations, theres 8gigs of it, I'm pretty sure you can find articles on it.

Knight_Crawler3066d ago

Can you explain what you just said in english?

andibandit3066d ago


He said the RAM will be in the cloud.

nypifisel3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

It's not just mashed together. Let's talk about it in terms more easily understandable.

Let's say normally you would have CPU (Central Processing Unit) and a GPU (Graphical Processing Unit). These would be separate, the CPU would connect through a Socket on your Motherboard while the GPU would be part of a Graphics Card which would connect to the motherboard through a PCIE port.

In an APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) These two (GPU/CPU)would be on the same die.

GPU= [G]
CPU= [C]

Normal configuration:
([G]), ([C]) - each are separate

([C][G]) - both consist on the same die ()

Also normally the GPU would have its own Memory (GGDR5 a faster memory type better at moving lesser but Bigger chunks) and the CPU would have its own (DDR3 better at moving smaller chunks more often)
With an APU the GPU and the CPU both access the same memory for their tasks, this is why using GDDR5 rather than DDR3 is a good thing, cause DDR3 which isn't a very good memory for moving let's say textures and would seriously bottleneck the GPU.

GDDR5 bandwidth PS4: 176GB/s
DDR3 bandwidth WiiU: 12.7 GB/s

VoiceMale3066d ago

Hey thanks for the time to clarify that for me .....appreciate it really

herbs3066d ago

Nypifisil you are correct however just to clarify the Wii U has a decent amount of Edram to act as a buffer which compensates for the 12.7 GB/s obviously it comes no where close to the PS4s 176 GB/s but Its probably at minimum 3X that perceived rate.

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neoMAXMLC3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

It's unified 8GB of GDDR5 RAM. Can be used for either system or graphics.

Edit - whooaaa I am late.