Boss Dungeon's Review of Tomb Raider

Boss Dungeon's Tobbii Karlsson reviews Square-Enix's Tomb Raider and describes it as "Taking the core of what made Tomb Raider great and restructuring it just enough to feel fresh once more"

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SnakeCQC2055d ago

i started play an hour ago and half an hpur into playing ive noticed quite a few game breaking bugs. Hope it gets sorted soon

vikingland12055d ago

I am 60% done and I got a game breaking bug just now. I have to go back to my 42% done save. Bummer in all honesty it is the only bug I have seen so far. I am playing on the Xbox by the way.

TekoIie2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

Really? Just completed it and encountered no bugs or glitches at all surprisingly. I guess I got really lucky or just didn't notice them.

Out of interest which platform are you playing on and whats the bug? I was playing the Xbox version and it was smooth sailing all the way through.

vikingland12055d ago


I was at the part where you make it to the Endurance. And you fight that really big dude and you get the Rope Ascender. Well when I shoot the crate to swing it over. It stays in mid air and the boom of the crane swings. Crazy and frustrating.Now I have to go back to a way earlier save.

TekoIie2055d ago

Yeh I was just looking online and found about 3 game breaking bugs. I was a fortunate to encounter none but 3 is IMO a LOT. Especially when considering 1 doesn't as of yet have a solution to get around.

SnakeCQC2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

lucky you i was playing the steam version im getting crashes lots of visual bug where randomly you cant see anything but a weird flicker

Darth Gamer2055d ago

what kind of bugs. I've been playing for 4 hours and have yet to see or find a single bug. Especially 1 that is game breaking.

vikingland12055d ago

If it weren't for that bug I would have gave this game a 9/10 so far.