Thief 4 Screenshots: Have Eidos Captured the Spirit of Thief?

"Look at this beautiful slice of game. If these screenshots were a woman, I would forgo the wine ‘n dine and head straight for the sheets. The only thing keeping me from smooching my monitor is that I know where it’s been."

Mariel Hurd analyses the new Thief screenshots, how they fit with the series so far and whether the lead still looks like himself.

"Garrett’s never been particularly formidable in the fisticuffs department and they’ve gone for a body-type that, while by no means weak, isn’t going to be roughhousing with the city guard anytime soon – dangerous, but not physically imposing."

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thebigman2054d ago

I think if anyone could take care of this franchise and make an excellent game it would be Eidos after seeing what they did to Tomb Raider and Deus Ex:HR

SJPFTW2054d ago

Deus Ex Human Revolution one of the best games this gen. Though Eidos Montreal only developed the multiplayer portion of Tomb Raider

NegativeCreepWA2054d ago

The smartest thing Square Enix has done in years, was acquiring Eidos. They're making the only games worth a damn.

Mouktouk2054d ago

I really loved Thief: The Dark Project, loved the concept and the mechanics (like water arrows to extinguish the torches, the ability to carry enemy corpses and having to deal with lights and shadows to sneak into castles,...). I was just terrified by the zombies and that's what made me stop playing the game at the time.

I'm really glad the series is coming back, especially seeing how gorgeous are the screenshots.