VGU's Pokemon X and Y New and Recent Rumours Round Up

VGU have rounded up the latest and most interesting Pokémon X and Y rumours and theories, including some newer ones, all in one place! What do you think of these new rumours?

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krontaar2140d ago

Gamefreak wouldnt be done designing all of the pokemon at this point, seeing as last gen they only finished designing them all a mere 2 months before the release of black and white. So seeing a list that has all of the names translated is a little...farfetch'd

kirbyu2140d ago


kirbyu2140d ago

Wait a minute, Mr. XY and the other guy (see Rumor: Possible Pokemon X & Y CoroCoro Leak) both say Sylveon evolving involves something about bonding? Either these rumors are true, they're the same guy, or they know each other and thought both saying that would make people believe them.