Miyamoto: 'strange' not to think about retirement

Shigeru Miyamoto, at 60 years old, is acknowledging that he won’t be working at Nintendo forever, and he is taking steps to get the company ready for life without him.

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mandf2148d ago

That will be a sad day for gaming. Hope Nintendo can survive and prosper through the loss of a legend. Zelda on Nes to this day is still my favorite game of all time. That man provided me with so many memorable moments as a child.

SilentNegotiator2148d ago

All they have to do is keep following the same formula for the games, as they've done for several generations.

f7897902148d ago

You would be surprised how many times companies have messed that one up.

Moncole2148d ago

He Has been mentoring young devs for a while and while they are having bigger role with making the game he takes smaller roles. You don't need to worry when he leaves. Look t the credits, he is not the head dev for games now.

Derekvinyard132148d ago

To disagree with mandf means you have to be a child who is call of dutyified

SilentNegotiator2148d ago

Or to recognize that

1) He hasn't done anything revolutionary in years.
2) He hasn't really lead on a game in a while and Nintendo hasn't exactly imploded on itself.

MikeMyers2148d ago

Nintendo will have a tough time having him not be a part of them. He is an icon for a company who is way too wrapped up in history to begin with.

mandf2148d ago

To the disagreers you are highly disrespectful. The man was and still is a legend. We all owe him a debt of gratitude for his contribution to gaming.

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DarkBlood2148d ago

hope he retires just after thier next gen console releases, so you know to go out with a big bang

would love to se him be involve in every high profile ip one last time

BadboyCivic2148d ago

Next gen for Nintendo is already out- WiiU

DarkBlood2148d ago

im talking about thier next system after the wiiu obviously lol

AnotherProGamer2148d ago

Hes 60! dam I thought he was late 30-early 40

deafdani2148d ago

Lol, dude. If he was late 30 - early 40, that would mean he was about 10 years old when he made Donkey Kong. Miyamoto is a genius, alright, but not THAT genius.


AnotherProGamer2148d ago

I meant he looked 40, worded it wrong :/

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TuxedoMoon2148d ago

The Day Miyamoto retires is probably the day Nintendo becomes a 3rd party developer. Mario on Xbox and ps5? A terrible thought...but look what happened with Sega. I really hope this future doesn't come true. I want nintendo to keep making consoles, even without Miyamoto. Will they be good or better tha Miyamoto's influence? Maybe? Only time will tell.

deafdani2148d ago

Overdramatic much? Yeah, Miyamoto has been a essential figure in Nintendo ever since he made Donkey Kong decades ago, but no company is solely dependant on a single man, not even someone as influencing as Miyamoto.

Apple nowadays is fine without Steve Jobs, and Nintendo will be just fine after Miyamoto leaves.

Eyeco2148d ago

I agree with you for the most part but look what happened to Team Ninja after Tomonobu Itagaki left

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