Ubisoft to PETA: ‘We do not condone whaling, just as we don’t condone a pirate lifestyle’

PETA said it was "disgraceful" that Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag "glorifies" whaling. Ubisoft responds.

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Psychotica2077d ago

Try worrying about real animals, not virtual ones. They must have a royal fit over hunting games..

dasbeer882077d ago

PETA worrying about real animals? ROFL!! They kill more animals than they save! XD

aliengmr2077d ago

Nice job repeating what a couple of "illusionists" told you.

PETA is over-zealous at times but they aren't any worse than those who who treat the natural world like their own dumpster, to do with as they please.

TruthbeTold2077d ago

Great response by Ubisoft. It's about time people find ways to answer organizations that jump on anything in a way that snaps people back to reality.

InTheLab2077d ago


If you're referring to Penn and Teller, that's not the only source for the butchering that PITA does.

TekoIie2077d ago


Their response is truly epic XD

Yeh I mean how many things do we not condone in history that we like to watch movies, read books or play games about? TONS!

himdeel2077d ago

LOL!! So they care nothing about all the virtual people I'll be killing! CLASSIC! /Sharpening my virtual sword now and loading my virtual gun

Mounce2077d ago

PETA and Femminazi's....The world's biggest groups of illogical whiners.

'nuff said.

That and, it's obvious Ubi is Anti-pirates, look at how much DRM they've tried to make to STOP pirates :P Hehe.

Dark_Overlord2076d ago


"Nice job repeating what a couple of "illusionists" told you. "

Oh really?

or here


PETA are huge hippocrates, just like Greenpeace

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joab7772077d ago

After seeing this and the vikings on history channel, i am building a ship and heading south. Doesn anyone want to join me? Dont worry, i have a solar powered generator, a 50 inch flat screen, and a ps3 and xbox. There will be wenches and rum but it wont be all fun and games. Theres alot of deck work to do. We will be stopping often to plunder.

TruthbeTold2077d ago

See? Now we are going to HAVE to ban video games. I can link to 5 future articles and studies that show that playing such games births pirates. Call your congressman today!

Minato-Namikaze2077d ago

I swear people get dumber by the hour

UnHoly_One2077d ago

I'm not sure that they are "dumb", necessarily.

I would vote something more along the lines of "insane".

Batshit Crazy would probably describe them most accurately.

joab7772077d ago

Exactly. We dont mind if u portray raping, pillaging and murdering, just dont touch those digital whales from 300 yrs ago.

This is the same group that put up a billboard of the guy whose leg was bitten off by a great white with a captiin saying somethink like, how do you like it when the tables are turned.

PhantomT14122077d ago (Edited 2077d ago )

For once, I found an official Ubisoft statement quite funny^^

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Conzul2077d ago

I die a little inside when I hear about my fav celebrities joining PETA.

Farsendor12077d ago

you die a little inside when someone you don't know joins an organization?

Conzul2077d ago (Edited 2077d ago )

When you think well of someone it's normal to root for them when they do stuff U LIEK and boo them when they do otherwise. Harmless, really - learn to see past exaggerations dude.

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