Are triple-A games losing relevance? (CVG)

As indies steal thunder at the BAFTAs, CVG examines the future for the big blockbusters...

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mandf2055d ago

Depends on what platform you are playing on.

smashcrashbash2055d ago

No.It just means we have more options. Not sure what is this obsession people have with killing off things.Like people saying Tomb Raider is going to kill off Uncharted.Why can't we just have both and be happy. Why do Triple A games have to disappear in favor of indie games? What fun would that be?

s45gr322055d ago

Please can we call say games blockbusters or mainstream games not AAA games. I mean AAA games are supposed to be the best games the industry has to offer. I am wrong with this or what. Yes I do agree with you there needs to be both mainstream and indie games not just one.

Skips2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

Tomb Raider killing off Uncharted???? LMFAO!

Tomb Raider is definitely an amazing game but seriously?

hennessey862055d ago

That some idiots are determined to see everyone playing angry birds on there iPhone, when devs stop making aaa games will be the day I stop gaming

Godmars2902055d ago

Isn't the issue not relevancy but risk?

With too much money invested into a Triple-A title just because it is Triple-A publishers more than devs usually play it safe. This gen especially once something like Mirror's Edge failed to sell like gangbusters everyone fell back to what they knew and only what they knew. Took no chances. That's why something like Journey was relegated to being a download title.

It also say something that the dev went bankrupt despite the game's huge well regard and awards.

s45gr322055d ago

How did the journey development team went bankrupt without the sales data information. Remember video game financial analysts do not cover digital sales. Now is true many publishers play it safe this generation and sticked to the proven franchises or call of duty clones. I just can't stress this enough that crowd funding has proven that gamers want new ips and ideas like ftl, chivalry, and even the upcoming point and click survival horror asylum....

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The story is too old to be commented.