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The Etrian Odyssey series has always been a tough one to figure out. In an industry which is constantly striving to move forward, it stands firmly with one foot in the past. Etrian Odyssey chooses to focus more on the moment-to-moment player decisions than narrative. Does this fascination with tradition stifle its ability to innovate or does this help it explore RPGs in new and creative ways?

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ryandebraal2052d ago

I've been itchin to play an old school RPG lately but you can only play as Cecil of the Red Wings or Terra and Locke so much before it gets stale.

Glad they haven't given up on the style all together!

DanConway2052d ago

The game is definitely worth a look if you're craving something a little more old school.

MkaY2052d ago

I really should get 3DS.