Update: PS3's In-Game Comments Extended - "Like Xbox Live, But Free"

TechRadar spoke with Daniel Dawkins, editor of PSM3 Magazine, this morning who told us: "This brings the PS3 up to parity with Xbox Live, the key difference being that it's free".

Dawkins added: "Sony is working its best to respond to what gamers want. The amount of evolution in terms of the firmware updates over the last year has been phenomenal."

TechRadar also spoke with Sony Computer Entertainment reps this morning. They informed us that they were currently not making any official announcements or issuing any further information on exactly how in-game comms on PS3 are set to be improved.

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PumPum4189d ago

Its not on par with XBLIVE, its above.

masterg4189d ago

I gave you an agree because if in-game XMB is like XBL then it means all the greatness of XBL without the Pear 2 Pear lag that happens so often.

Panthers4189d ago

P2P lag still happens in games like CoD4 but taht is because that game is P2P on the PS3. Games like Resistance and warhawk and Socom (hopefully) have servers and NO LAG. No lag + in game XMB = the best online gaming experience out there.

Silellak4189d ago

Wow, you got 28 agrees and you didn't even have a reason to explain how this brings PSN to parity with, much less better than, XBox Live.

So adding in-game messaging is somehow the equivalent of an entire multiplayer infrastrucutre designed from the ground up so that developers can easily add multiplayer options to almost any game, right down to intern-made freely-released XBLA games?

I'm not trying to wave the 360 fanboy flag here. The PS3 has a lot of advantages over the 360. But if you say PSN is better than XBox Live - even with this upcoming updates - you're just wrong.

HOWEVER, that being said, this will be a big step TOWARDS making PSN a strong, and more importantly, FREE, competitor to XBox Live. But it won't magically make it "better" than XBox Live.

xhairs4189d ago

How can you even say that the it makes a friendly environment for game developers to create multiplayer options? The multiplayer options (which would consist of mute/add-friend/etc.) are built into XBL itself. Neither XBL nor PSN create a more friendly environment to add multiplayer options.

Your rebuttal = null.

Brixxer6004189d ago

That we'll have to wait and see, it's got potential to be on a par but better ? Okay it's free which is great but XBL is where it's at as far as online gaming goes (for just now), after playing on Live for over two years the current PSN system is poor.

I haven't noticed any lag while playing Warhawk tho.

Silellak4189d ago

You didn't understand.

I'm talking about the option to add multiplayer to the game in the first place.

It's much easier for a developer to add multiplayer functionality to a 360 game than a PS3 game, and that's largely because XBox Live does a lot of the "heavy lifting" for developers such as ranked game/custom game listings, matchmaking, skill ranking, etc. None of that has to be written by the developers, which saves them time and money.

wageslave4189d ago

"Though whether or not this refers to in-game cross media bar (XMB) instant messaging and/or voice-chat with other friends anywhere on the PlayStation Network is yet to be revealed."

How does this headline match with the above?

The new voice chat feature, when it arrives, has much to match if to be compared to Xbox LIVE.

How does the original post get 50 Agree and 15 Disagree?


mattnz4188d ago

@ Silellak. I don't understand what your talking about. The PSN does the same thing that XBL does, delivers an easy to use, built in, online, multiplayer component for its games. The little extras like in game interface access etc are great but not a CORE game mechanic. PSN has dedicated servers for most of it's big titles and is looking at getting some of those little extras XBL users pay for. XBL isn't the only online service, it's just a little more polished, for now.

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decapitator4189d ago

With respect to my fellow 360 fans paying for live, anything that comes at the best price ever (FREE) is always a better deal than the "other". Just my opinion though.

InYourMom4189d ago

So I guess I can goto McDonalds and just grab a few FREE ketchups from the bin and skip a Big Mac.

Free doesn't alway's mean better.

This is no way makes it on par with Live, just wishful thinking from Sony.

Bubble Buddy4189d ago

We are comparing the same thing, ketchup and burgers aren't the same thing. How bout free burger on free burger day for Harvey's and 4 bucks for a small mac that can fit on my palm.

uxo224189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )

You go to a baseball game, you get in for free, but you have to sit in the nose bleed seats. But, the paying customers get to sit in the box seats behind the dugout. Now, are you telling me that in this case because it's free, it's better?

Because if you are telling me that the free seats are better they you are in denial. Free is not necessarily better, free is just that...Free!

Edit: And to keep it real, I have spent time on both services and PSN although it's okay, it's NOT really close to being on par with live. As a matter of fact, I think in order for PSN to be comparible, they will have to redo the entire interface. Because the current interface just aint getting it done. At least for me it isn't. I'm being as honest as I can possible be. Calling it the way "I" see it.

In saying that, I hope sony does get PSN to where it is on par with live. Because when that does become the case, MS will have to if not make live free; at least consider cutting the price in half.

DRUDOG4189d ago

Not to put words in decapitator's mouth, but what I think he might be saying is that when something is free and it's in the same "ballpark" (for you unexploded ordinance 22) than free is like the spade that trumps. If PSN was total sh!te and Live was the best online service ever created I might be inclined to disagree with decapitator.

Since PSN is decent, since Live charges me for things I don't need and since the few big items Live has vs. PSN are being rectified (wider direct distribution of movies/music/tv and in-game comms) than free comes out way ahead.

We should all take a few months off from the discussion and come back when the DD, in-game comm and Home have all been launched on PSN and then see how people paying for a similar service feel about it. I like free. I like free that offers me enough of what I need and none of what I don't need and charges me for it.

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princejb1344189d ago

yep free its always great
i dropped paying for xbox live just for psn
i refuse to keep paying money just to play online, that just adds another monthly bill, its like paying extra money for my dsl service

Utalkin2me4189d ago

@-princejb134= If you paying a monthy bill then your a fool cause it cost more monthly buy your service yearly at amazon at certain times you can catch it for 39.99 for a year.

And too the article, In my eye's no way shape or form is the psn near as good as the xboxlive service. I get way to many random disconnects and reconnects on psn. Chat while in-game unreliable cuts in and out. Im sure home will help this out quite a bit *fingers crossed*. But for me and what i like xbox live is where its at and i will keep paying 40 bucks a year for it.

cartman3134189d ago

Maybe if you knew how to set up a router you wouldn't have disconnects. Anyways, I call BS. Never had an issue with PSN.

Kr1554189d ago

I see your point about live. It's deffinatly not monthly. However I don't know anyone with a Ps3 who suffers random disconnects and certainly not random reconnects from PSN.I personally have used both wireless and later wired and both were reliable. I've never been booted from a game either. I do notice that games that use deticated servers are much more reliable than P2P, unfortunatly XBL is pretty much all P2P with only a few exceptions for EA.

killer_trap4189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )

random disconnects.

that only happen once or twice for me in 8 months and i have a crappy dsl provider.

check your settings and if things don't run well you can pm me and i'll work things out for you.

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xhi44189d ago

that's exactly me.

I'm in Australia, and i kept on getting lag and crap on my TF2 n stuff on the 360, so i dropped my subscription, psn lag free TF2 and FREE woooo!

Dareaver14189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )

...... Well, i've run out of bubbles, but it was great debating with all of you.... Later..!

Valik214189d ago

And the xbox and xbox fans should thank the Playstation and all it's stuff for beeing what it is today. There wouldn't exist any xbox or 360 like you have it today without the Playstation consoles.

I'm using your same logic here.

Shankle4189d ago

You know, Dareaver, I have to say that your comments have relied very heavily on the idea that the PS3 is getting so much praise for bringing out these new features. The only real praise is due to the fact that they're doing it for free. No one is claiming any revolutionary ideas on the PSN front, except home, but that has had mixed reactions. I really don't see why I'd use home at all. Then again, there are a whole load of people who get a kick out of second life etc.

PS3 gamers are just expressing happiness at finally getting these great features. PS3 fanboys are indeed claiming that this will end the console war for some reason, but I can't imagine why you would listen to them at all.
Personally, I just want cross-game chat. That is the one feature that live has that actually matters to me. You can tout things such as the unified structure that makes it more streamlined, but we're talking about games consoles, and it's the gaming that comes first. If this update brings cross-game chat, then I believe that I will prefer PSN over live because it will come down to two things for me: Lag and who I'm playing with. PSN is famous for lag-free gaming, and Live is notorious for 13 year olds and teabaggers who hurl abuse at your ears.

Have a bubble so you can reply :)

spandexxking4189d ago

"The amount of evolution in terms of the firmware updates over the last year has been phenomenal"

amen. *remembers his launch ps3* oh how you've grown!!! *sniffle*

Lifendz4189d ago

I remember when I first got mine how excited I was about it then and that pales to what it does now. I can't wait for in-game xmb.

Laexerias4189d ago

it weights 7kg at its birth... LMAO
Oh man.. i couldnt resist..

I mean, hey, the PS3 is going to be the god of the next generation!

LastDance4189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )

the features of msfts ingame Xmedia functions are good but i find it very clunky and confusing.

Im sure if i used it more often id get use to it.

ps3 media bar makes much more sense and is nice n simple.

akaFullMetal4189d ago

someone has taken my face

spandexxking4189d ago

so they have.....cheeky!


it has 1000 songs , 1000 photos , videos and all the other stuff they got in there this is ridiculous , thanks for looking out...Its not even over yet.....The bastards still wants to grow...hope it doesnt grow arms and legs and start walking or talking to me...i really be impressed with you ps3..

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