All Points Bulletin fancies a shot at GTA IV's crown

You may well have heard of Grand Theft Auto IV, but the chances are that APB (All Points Bulletin) hasn't popped up on your radar. APB takes everything that has made games like Grand Theft Auto great, throws in a massive multiplayer aspect with full gang affiliation and mission structures and polishes it to a high shine...

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name4002d ago

gang affiliation -_- Ok I see how it is now.

GTA copies off of driver, Saints row copies GTA, and APB copies off of Saints row.

circle of life

Noodlecup4002d ago

It's an MMO action game not just an online sandbox game. Think of a less detailed WoW set in an urban environment.

Exhaust4002d ago

The original 2d GTA games came out before the first Driver game. Driver tried and failed to take the 2d GTA concept to the third dimension.

Driver couldn't carry GTA jockey shorts. In the innovation department and by far the sales department.

BISHOP-BRASIL4001d ago (Edited 4001d ago )

Don't dream boy. GTA have come earlier than Driver, but Driver has nothing to do with it, while, indeed, GTA III has a lot of the Driver 2 feel on it (you can deslike it as much as you want, but Driver 2 was way more popular than the "old" 2D GTA - even if GTA already was way better and deeper).

Anyway, GTA turned out to be good after that, while Driver have come to be crap (Driv3r) and than after mediocre (Driver 4), so who cares who stated it?

And I would not mention Saints Row to much, it brings my mouth the taste of the sh*t.

NO_PUDding4001d ago

Exhaust, even as a fan of GTA since the 2D volumes; I even have the seperate CD London Expansion, there is not way that GTA was ever comparable to Driver back on the PSone. Driver was relastic and Gritty, whereas GTA was nowhere near as realistic, and was satirical to the highest factor. But it was immature satiricism, and as Houser said in the EGM interview, they have grown up with their audience which is astounding, and is why althoguh GTA IV won't be that big of a jump, it will be ready to impress the more mature audience who started getting tired of San Andreas.

Anyway, Driver was defitnely the top Driving game as the time, so don't kid yourslef Exhaust. But also Name, GTA Never copied from Driver. The only similarity is that you can go on cars and on foot, and GTA had that theory a bit before Driver, GTA however saw that Driver takign it to the 3D level and adding a storyline WOULD make a move forward in the gaming industry.

Anyway, I can see APB appealign to a younger audience becuase it has one of the team memebers from the 2D GTA's (before DMA became Rockstar) team and he left in the developers transition, and he is soemone important on this development. He was as I say oen fo the creative directors along with Sam and Dan Houser.


GTA pwnz Driver's ass. SR is close to GTA. As for APB? No idea yet.

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Charmers4002d ago

At least the developers are bringing this to the PC first, unlike Rockstar that seem to be quite happy to neglect it's PC fanbase just for a few pieces of silver from Sony/MS.

BeaArthur4002d ago

That's probably because there are far more console gamers than PC gamers.

Noodlecup4002d ago

You're completely incorrect here, there are more PC gamers than all of the console gamers combined (200 million to be exact) I think what you mean is console games sell better than PC games because of piracy and people enjoying older games (counterstrike) for greater periods of time.

Console gaming is all about modern games, with PC you have old and new games, most PC gamers prefer to stick with timeless gems rather than playing something new.

BeaArthur4002d ago

Noodlecup...correct I meant that console games sell more.

spandexxking4002d ago

that sounds fricken sweet!

Official General4002d ago

Ha ha ha ha ha! LOL Charmers you sounded very funny there, the way you sit there sulking about the unfair treatment of PC gamers. To be honest, I personally think games like GTA are not suited for PC gaming, these types of games are best played on consoles and control pads. I may get soke disagrees, but I'm sure more will agree.

Noodlecup4002d ago

if you're a PC gamer you'd better enjoy FPS, RTS and MMO or nothing at all. GTA on PC is a nightmare without using your PS3/360 controller. I bought a PS3 so I could play games like LittleBigPlanet, it'd truly stink using a mouse and keyboard.

Charmers4002d ago

If that is the case and GTA is "superior" because of the gamepads, can you explain to me why console users have to rely on auto aim to get the job done !!!! Personally I find GTA is a perfect game for the mouse/keyboard combo. However if you want proof I am more than happy to meet up with you on a GTA SA-MP server, you can use your gamepad and I will use the mouse and keyboard, we will then see which control method is better.

Noodlecup4002d ago

Chillout matey :D I'm a PC gamer and yes the controller is the only reason I prefer playing GTA on console (that and I'm not going to wait until october to play it) I play FPS games on PC with a mouse and keyboard religiously, I've played shooters on xbox live and PSN and it's completely awful using a controller.

Like I said, games which require analogue movement like racers, sports games and platformers will always be superior with a game pad. Shooters and RTS games will not be beat with a mouse and keyboard either for those of you who play on xbox live and think you're skilled in CoD4 with auto-aim :O


tudors4002d ago

This games looks sweet. Why is Shigeru Miyamoto in the pics, wasn't that pic from a GDC tec demo?

InYourMom4001d ago

that is one impressive model of Myamoto, I wonder how it looks in motion. This game is going to be freakin awesome and if it's anything like Crackdown then bring it on!

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