GamerPops review - Fire Emblem: Awakening

Jeff writes "It probably hit me at about a quarter to one in the morning as I laid in bed playing Fire Emblem: Awakening. I’d gone upstairs to bed and decided to play a quick side mission battle before going to bed while my wife was chatting with her friend downstairs. Thing is, I’d gone up at 11:15. I’d been spending an hour and a half playing what ended up being a couple of side mission battles in a strategy RPG. And I’m not a fan of strategy RPGs."

"That’s the genius of Fire Emblem: Awakening."

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Myx232104d ago

4.5 really.. i did not bother to read the reviews for it, but let me guess: the game starts out interesting but having the same engine as all the other fire emblems the experience will be nice until you realize 2 turns before the end that you levelled the completely wrong character and will have to start over the whole thing again? if yes, a 1.5 would be appropriate instead of almost the bestnote. does "uninspired" and "repetitive since release 1 many years ago" not flow into a reviewer's rating? is it enough to come up with new graphics? it is the absolute same game, but that does not bother anyone? why just not play an old fire emblem again then? companies can sell the same game over and over again.. why is that? are people really that undemanding? "give me the same old thing i already know, so i do not have to tune in to another setting, please, and make it full retail that it feels like something new"

see, that's what is wrong with today's gaming-industry. not only the industry having to rush out titles that do not differentiate enough to the previous released title, no, there is also the audience which encourages such low efforts by giving money for it. because they are struck by the nostalgia-virus or are not able to distinguish between marketing-phrases and the real world.