New Multiplayer Maps For Call of Duty 4 Revealed

"With Call of Duty 4 being the smash hit that it is, it's no surprise to hear that new multiplayer maps are in the works..."

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f4t41_ph4nt0m4184d ago

...OH HECK YEA!!!!

Dusk is probably going to be my favorite. Second is Hill. Broadcast looks ok but I'm not really a fan of CQC in CoD4.

HeartlesskizZ4184d ago

they look great but 3 maps? is that all? didnt the pc got like 8-12?

I hope if is a map pack then to be one prize for all and not pay for each...

Also where is that patch for the PS3?

Ghoul4184d ago

@ demon

that was a custom map pack from the community

Mr Murda4184d ago

Is it just me or do the graphics in the screen shots look like they're from an early build of the game. "Dusk" and "Broadcast" definitely don't look on par with the final version of COD4. Also, it says "rumored" maps. To me it just sounds more like a best guess, so I'd take this with a grain of salt.

To be honest, I have higher standards than a few reworked maps from the campaign.

SUP3R4184d ago

Are they going to fix Bog?
Cuz it lags everytime you get halfway into the game.

TheSadTruth4184d ago

you guys do realize every single map is taken straight from the single player right? and slightly modified of course

these screens could be from before the single player maps were finalized

Mr Murda4184d ago

Yeah, I do know. That's what I mean, the screens look old. Also, at this point, several months after launch, I'd like to see a few "original" maps rather than rehashed single player maps.

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PumPum4184d ago

Wonder what the price will be ?
Hope its free ^^

PacoDG4184d ago

Source for the PSU link is:

The source for the cod4boards link is:

So bigmacky @ wordpress has the exclusive pictures with no listed source what so ever and this gets on N4G's front page ?

I actually think they look real enough, however, I really would like some trusted source to confirm the validity of these pictures.

Regret4184d ago

Aren't they reavealed this 15 days ago? :/

PacoDG4184d ago

Yes, and by revealed, do you mean not confirmed?

I added the original source as a Alternative Source link, even the original poster of the images claims it as 'rumor'

They look good, but still, confirmation before posting this to get on the front page here please.

Lifendz4184d ago

everything else is cake. Great game Infinity Ward. Too bad COD5 is WWII.

sak5004184d ago

"Too bad COD5 is WWII."

Atleast be thankful its by Treyarch not Infinity. THey'll be making COD6, hopefully ala BF2142 something in future ;)

Havince4184d ago

No chance

itl be 800 points i reckon

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The story is too old to be commented.