Worldwide Lost Planet 3 release dates announced with box art reveal

El33tonline writes:

"We had just got done speaking about the Japanese release date for Lost Planet 3, and now today Capcom has officially confirmed release dates for the game across Europe and North America!"

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CustardTrout2209d ago

Sure I read something with it in a list of games out this month...

OliverKO2209d ago

It's only just been officially confirmed, though.

CustardTrout2209d ago

Yeah I know this is right; I'm just trying to remember the site that lied to me haha!

ChronoJoe2209d ago

I'll wait for reviews but i'm not really very interested in this installment. They replaced asian mechs with westernised mechs.

Asian mechs are lighting fast and agile, western mechs are hulking and powerful. The former are much more enjoyable to play around with in my opinion.

OliverKO2209d ago

I understand your approach to Lost Planet 3 - it's only logical.

I would encourage you to be casually optimistic about the game, though, because from what I've played at various events it's shaping up incredibly well, with the promise of some great characters, story and MetroidVania style exploration.

I'll admit that the Utility Rig is hulking, powerful and slow, so that might not appeal to you, but it is fun to use and drill down into enemies. They've really thought about this aspect of the game.

I'm super excited for it, more so than other big games out this year.

Numphie2209d ago

I'm also looking forward to it :)

SamPao2209d ago (Edited 2209d ago )

erm when were Lost Planet mechs "lightning fast and agile" ? :D

They were like this in all the Lost Planet games

btw getting this game for sure.
I love Lost Planet!

ChronoJoe2209d ago

LP2 had decent mech variety, and the mechs had hidden functions.

The PTX-140 units in particular were the ones that were particularly agile and fun to use. They are extremely agile propelling themselves around at high speeds with their thrusters continually. They're also equiped with vs saws for melee (unlike other mechs).

I suggest if you play the LP games again you check out the VS manuals as many mechs are dependent on their hidden functions.

That said, that's not to say LP doesn't feature many slower mechs too. However you get used to where to find the ones you like in each mission. :)

Rubberlegs2209d ago

The mechs are bigger because the tech is older. This takes place before the first two games so they wanted to show that the game has a timeline. The new big mechs are called Rigs and were meant for mining. VS mechs haven't been created yet at this point.

I really wish Capcom outsourced this to a different dev though. Spark Unlimited don't have the best track record and I can see this game bomb.

SonyNGP2209d ago

I honestly didn't like the demo that I tried during Video Games Live in Dubai, but I'll probably pick it up once it's $10 on Steam or something.

JohnApocalypse2209d ago

I think it would look allot better without the guy on the boxt art

Numphie2209d ago

I think the box art looks pretty awesome!

OliverKO2209d ago

It's excellent box art, I agree.

Hazadess12209d ago

Loooking forward to this big time. Only problem I have is that the last two were so much better on Xbox. I finished first two on it and then tried again on PS3, not good. LP2 was paticularly bad.

Hope they sort that out with this one and make them the same. Lovin the more western look. Wayne and co got on my tits.

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