Sony Errors on Vita Promotion, Free Games Available to All

WorthPlaying writes, "On Monday Sony announced it was giving away four free games to PlayStation Vita owners in order to celebrate the one year anniversary of the portable console in North America.

In order to download the four games, you were supposed to access the PSN store via a Vita. And, for the most part, that was true. When the PSN store updated on Tuesday evening, the “purchase” option for the four games was removed from the PS3 PSN store and the Sony Entertainment Network PSN store on the web. However, Sony seems to have forgotten that the PSP can also access the PSN store."

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Godchild10202077d ago

When did they ever say it was exclusive to the Vita store?

LOGICWINS2077d ago

I don't remember Sony saying it was exclusive to the Vita store. I assumed it was always supposed to be free for everyone

Godchild10202077d ago (Edited 2077d ago )

Exactly. This isn't any error and if it was, they would have fixed it.

Mounce2077d ago

@Godchild1020 - Don't think that people on PSN can't make mistakes, or leave mistakes on for a few hours or so.

Why I say that? This for instance on PSP that had happened and I was one of them that randomly saw it, thought it was a demo, downloaded it - Only to find out it was the FULL GAME. Lol

Undead Knights, got it for free, can't remember if it was an error that they didn't notice til 5+, 10+ hours or more.

Ontop of your comment, yes, Sony basically said it was for the Vita Owners:

"To continue the celebration this week, we’re pleased to offer a special gift for PS Vita owners—by giving away four classic games for free exclusively in the PlayStation Vita Store!"

It's targeted to Vita owners during the anniversary, so, essentially to those whom already own the Vita as a gift.

lilbrat232076d ago

Urm None of those games are Free even if you use pc to go to the online store.

Syriel2076d ago

If you are on the PC you need to use Media Go to access the store, like it says in the linked story. If you try to access the store from the PS3 or from the SEN web store you will not be able to get them.

Protagonist2076d ago

They are free! I just downloaded them.

raWfodog2076d ago

Yep, they are. I downloaded all four of them on my Vita two nights ago.

Syriel2077d ago

The promotion was initially announced as being exclusive to the Vita store. That's why the free games cannot be "purchased" on either the PS3 store or the web store.

r212077d ago

Holy crap, 4 free games?! I thought this was PS+ deal O_O
Thanks Sony :D

The Great Melon2077d ago (Edited 2077d ago )

Thank you I didn't even realize that this offer was going on. You managed to both inform me and solve a problem at the same time. (^_^)

rpd1232077d ago

Neither did I. Glad I found out though.

nigelp5202077d ago


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The story is too old to be commented.