Did Microsoft authorise unofficial references to the next Xbox?

Air tight non-disclosure agreements means that developers and publishers are not even allowed to acknowledge the existence of the next Xbox console. Yet since February at least three major publishers have directly alluded to their forthcoming games being released on Microsoft’s newest console. Are these accidents or have Microsoft authorised them to do this?

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Hands Up For Games2055d ago

Kinda struggling to get over the obviousness of this article. Like really struggling.

creeping judas2055d ago

I agree, I am wondering how you would authorize (correct spelling by the way author)a reference, whether unofficial or official?

Honest_gamer2055d ago

Well since the Americans speak a altered version of British English it is in fact authorise and the Americans changed it to authorize I guess you never thought oh maybe he isn't from america or anything like that.

Fishy Fingers2055d ago

Yeah the correct US spelling of an English word :/

BlmThug2055d ago

It is authorise, not your altered American spelling

guitarded772055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )


Sorry, that's all I can think of when one of my American brethren make an Americentric comment. It's really not so much our fault as individuals. We have to learn everything about other cultures on our own, because we only get taught AMERICAN (F-YEAH!!!) history in grade school... and we barely get taught grammar. Our school system tends to focus on testing.

On topic: I can't wait for the MS reveal. I love reveals. If Commodore decided to come out with a 16-bit machine today... I'd be excited for the reveal.

mistertwoturbo2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

N4G is an American website, not a UK one. So here its Authorize. Otherwise, we'd have and you guys can Authorise all you want. Heck, even my automatic spellchecker on this little comment box is putting a red line under Authorise.

mistertwoturbo2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

Edit: double post

nukeitall2055d ago

Say what?

I speak american!

SmokeyMcBear2055d ago

actually N4G is based in europe.

sak5002055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )


Sorry to burst your bubble regarding commodore's 16bit reveal but you missed it by few decades as it happened in late 80s. I was there and read all about it in the magazines. Eventually bought it replacing my C64.


Since when does a site's host country has anything to do with what software is in your computer. If i'm sitting somewhere in Asia or EU or any non US region will my going to US site change the dictionary/spell checker in my system? OR are we to automatically adhere to the laws of teh country where the site's been hosted? Use some cells in your brain..

pixelsword2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

That's being politically correct, not technically correct. I could be wrong, but that looks like an American site and writer so he's technically wrong. When you correct the other guy, that's just like him correcting someone who called soccer "football" on an American website and people chiding him for it. Unless the site is or catering to Brits, the writer is technically wrong.

DragonKnight2054d ago

I love these English fights. So much ignorance flies around. For example, English wasn't invented by "the English" yet they love to state they speak the "proper version" of it. It's also funny to note that that's still technically incorrect as when British Imperialism led them to North America, the language that exists in the U.S. now was the language being spoken then, with time creating some "Americanisms". The New York "Bronx" accent is actually the more historical British accent and, as colonists left to return to Britannia, their accent changed.

In any event, I'm Canadian and we've been forced to alter some of our words to cater to French spelling so I don't give a damn which English is "correct" because it's all English and whether it's tyre or tire, authorise or authorize, it's all just semantics and misplaced patriotism.

shoddy2054d ago

Damn I hate nerdy grammar corrector.

They act like It's English class 24/7.

they wine at type o

Is it a crime that you are unable to speak English?

ravinash2054d ago

Thats the benefit of having a living language. constantly changing, borrowing form other languages, changing words and adapting.

Beside, it does not matter which country you come from. There is no terms of use in that site dictating which version of English you have to use.
Hell, I'm from New Zealand so we end up borrowing from both, mainly because we get a mix of American and British media.

Hitman07692054d ago

@guitarded77 lol this guys the man

NobodyImportant2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

DragonKnight - "English wasn't invented by "the English" yet they love to state they speak the "proper version" of it."

Surely if "the English" change their own language then that is their perogative. Seeing as it is "English" and they have branded their name on it.
French, Spanish, Portuguese have evolved over the years, so why not our language.

Maybe it would be easier if you branch off your "American" English and rename it "Americish" and then you can do what you like with your version of the language

SolidStoner2054d ago

de best ting iz thet ai kan understand yuu, an juu mii!!!!!! yay!!

DragonKnight2054d ago

@NobodyImportant: Yeah, it doesn't really work that way. You can't go around saying you speak a language the "correct" way under the assumption that the language comes from your country when it doesn't. That's quite arrogant and at the same time ignorant.

And, like I said, I'm Canadian not American, so I don't know why you'd come up with "Americish" as the implication that Canadians speak American English when Canada has French and English (as in the UK) founding fathers.

Shadow Flare2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

"The New York "Bronx" accent is actually the more historical British accent"

That is one of the funniest things I've read this year. I'm pretty sure William Shakespeare didn't speak like a New York taxi driver, but hey, I don't own a time machine, how would I know

"Romeo, oh Romeo, get your hot dogs here Romeo"

Oh, just FYI dragonknight, there's no such thing as a British accent. People who are British, don't call themselves British here. You're either English, Scottish or Welsh. So you have one of those accents, which are very different to each other. And even that's not fully accurate since there are like a hundred accents within those countries too. Liverpool, Manchester, London, Yorkshire, Somerset etc, etc all have very different accents.

But apparently we all sounded like New York hot dog sellers in ye olde day

Shadow Flare2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

Forgive me, I can't get over the sheer and utter bollocks of that statement dragonknight said:

" The New York "Bronx" accent is actually the more historical British accent and, as colonists left to return to Britannia, their accent changed."

That is one of the most incredible things I've read. Absolute rubbish.

Lets get this straight, from his statement apparently at the time when Britain colonised America, everyone in Britain sounded like Joey Tribiani's agent.

Then they came to America and left the New York accent with everyone

Then the colonists left America, went home to England, and...lost their accent, because....because....

a) everyone in Britain sounded American still?

b) they lost the accent because nobody spoke like an New York shoe shiner in the UK, at anytime ever? OR

c) did the colonists not have an American accent at all to begin with, because they were born in Britain?


I was born in England and live in England and have never ever heard that we spoke with American accents in the past. Never been taught that. The BBC subjects its viewers to a lot of period dramas and historical documentaries and not once have they ever shown the people speakin like Robert Di Nero in Taxi. Pride and Prejudice wouldn't quite have the same authenticity I suspect. Never ever seen that before

I don't know what back of a toilet door you learnt that from but it's rubbish. If you learnt that in university, ask for your money back.

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Omni-Tool2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

I knew about next gen consoles were going to be coming out soon and games had to be in development for said consoles before the PS4 announcement from Sony.
Does MS really think we are that stupid? Or, is the author of this article that stupid?


DragonKnight2055d ago What? Never heard of this site. Kinda screams hit mongering to me.

sdozzo2055d ago

All of you beat me to it. Haha.

Animal Mutha 762055d ago

So let me get this straight.

Now we have a rumour article that is discussing a rumour about Microsoft deliberately creating a rumour about the next Xbox that developers can allude to when speaking to the media so they can report it as a rumour?

For heaven's sake!

Oh and that's rumour as in the British English spelling - the correct way ;-)

Athonline2055d ago

Rumoursception! *Plays background music* Let's make a rumour, inside a rumour, inside a rumour... F*CK LOGIC! This reminds me South Park Inception episode xD

Back to the article: Companies sign an agreement. Even users in closed betas agreed to NDAs...

KillrateOmega2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

Begin playing the Inception horns!

SephirothX212055d ago

do do do do do do boo do do do do do do...

Jek_Porkins2055d ago

Nope, companies sign an agreement to keep things confidential. When Microsoft decides to show the world the next Xbox, we'll know.

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