You Really Shouldn’t Care About the Upcoming ‘Console Wars’

"If you are like me and spend a portion of your week reading around the internet about gaming then you’ve probably not been able to avoid the oncoming sense of dread of the ongoing and upcoming arguments about which console will win the “console wars.” " |

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aviator1892050d ago

I know I don't let it get to me.
PS4 and Xbox 720 day 1 for me.

HarryMasonHerpderp2050d ago

It's all about the games, always has been and always will be.

first1NFANTRY2050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

from a personal perspective, the company that offers the best gaming experience that suits my needs will get my hard earned cash.

Wish i could say i'm buying all three next gen consoles but i've learned my lesson from this gen. My Wii is collecting massive amounts of dust and my 360 lost it's appeal around 2009.

The ps3 is the only console constantly providing me with unique and hardcore games on a yearly basis so it's safe to say i'm gearing more towards the ps4 at launch.

I'll have to wait a year or two to judge if Micro and Nintendo's consoles are worth buying.

VoiceMale2050d ago

i like articles like this its really refreshing to get one of these after all the console war battle going on around here.
am looking forward to all the players to have revealed their consoles and i am excited to see what the next generation of console have in stored for us

MasterCornholio2050d ago

Fanboys can tear each other apart for all i care. The only thing i want from next gen consoles is great games and improved hardware.

Cant wait to play a buttery smooth racer at 1080P on the PS4 (no GT5 was fake 1080P)

baraka0072049d ago

People will fight forever about stupid stuff and just like this gen it wont matter. Most of us will buy whatever has good games on it.