Rumour: Xbox360 Price Cut At The End of March Worldwide

Translated by Kinan via

"Seems its indeed coming. Respectable Russian game industry site, known for having close contacts within ex-USSR game dev circles, published a news article today, claiming it got an unofficial, but reliable info about the upcoming price cut.

How big it will be and in what territories is unknown yet, but it is said that price cut will be especially big for Russian market. At the moment Elite is retailing there for 18000 roubles (around 490 € or 750$) and arcade costs near 10000 (415$).

The console market there is growing fast, but still quite small. In their recent interview with director of gaming platforms in Microsoft Russia it was revealed that x360 sold around 60-65k units in Russia between February 2007 and January 2008, they expect more than 40% growth in 2008."

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decapitator4003d ago

TO coincide with GTAIV launch ? I could definitely see that happening with what I hear regarding how they will Market the game.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4003d ago

i can also see a GTA PS3 bundle coming, and a possible PS3 price cut.

since they have......................

"No Plans"


my point is..............

Things should get interesting towards the end of MARCH.

Exhaust4003d ago

In soviet Russia MS heavily promotes YOU! err GTA IV

BeaArthur4003d ago

hahah. Instead of worrying about dropping the price they should worry about fixing their consoles or extending the warranties to cover all failures. They can make the console as cheap as they won't continue to lead PS3 for very long if they can't fix the hardware issues.

TheMART4003d ago

Be sure world wide pricedrop just before or with GTAIV for the 360. Premium version for 279 to 299 Euro/Dollar maybe with GTAIV included for 329 EUro/Dollar or something like that!

4003d ago
Exhaust4003d ago

Are you serious?

"price cuts EQUAL desperation"

Did you forget that your console dropped its price several times in its first year? Come on man. If you're going to be a blind fanboy at least keep things in perceptive. You just called your own console desperate! haha

TheMART4003d ago

Price cuts with 6 months after it's launch like the PS3 did with ONE THIRD OF ITS INITIAL PRICE, that is from 600 to 400 EUro = desperation.

A pricecut, from an original price first 400 to 350 EUro after 1.5 year, and a second one after almost 2.5 years is normal and will spike sales in combination with GTAIV the most complete version.

If you don't get that, you're braindead.

FirstknighT4003d ago

Remember, the ps3 had a price cut the first day in Japan.

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scrillakiller4003d ago

wont matter the console is cheaper than ps3.If price ws a factor here it would have have shown.Its value for your money and we all know which has the most value for your money

TheMART4003d ago


The PS3 didn't sell when it was 600 EUro/Dollar. They had to drop significantly to within the 360's price range (350 to 400 EUro) to regain sales. THat was forced, not wanted by Sony. They thought the console would sell because of its brandname/quality without any games for 600 EUro/Dollars

It clearly didn't.

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