Assassin's Creed PC slips into April, new "average specs" released

VG247's reporting that the PC version of Assassin's Creed has now slipped from March to April, and that a new set of "average specs" have been released by Ubisoft.

"Any dual-core machine running at 2.2GHz and over with a decent graphic card (such as a ATi HD2600 or a NVidia 8600) will give great performances," said Beauchemin. "Our minimum requirement is a Pentium D 2.4GHz or a AMD X2 Athlon 3800+, equipped with a Shader Model 3.0 card (ATi X1300 and better, NVidia 6600 and better)."

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mighty_douche4190d ago

Bit more realistic specs than the earlier released "rumour" specs. Its a port of a console game so obviously the hardware demands shouldnt be to high.

TheMART4189d ago

Console port??? Al games are first coded on the PC and then made optimal for the specific console...

Second, this is why I started to love console gaming. Its starting to become the first platform to have games being released on.

I Call 9MM4189d ago

Wow, we are actually starting to see dual-core machines as a requirement. I thought it would be a while longer before this happened, but it is good that it did. Pentium Ds aren't exactly brand new processors anyway. Almost time to retire my Northwood P4 I guess.

jay24189d ago

well considering this games leaked anyway, if you guys want to be illegal (Which I am NOT). go download it, the real reason for the delay is that you can't compleat the game, one of the maps codings messed up and the game crashes.