VGI: Review: Rocketbirds: "it’s clucking good fun"

VGI: "If I came to you with an idea for war game that melds aspects of Shadow Complex with Abe’s Odyssey and is fronted by a chicken, you’d think I was mental. Yet here we are. Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken is a bat-sh** crazy mix of the surreal, but from the moment you pick it up and let rip on your first batch of penguins, it’s hard not to fall in love."

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TongkatAli3560d ago

You will never look at chickens the same way after playing this, amazing game.

DivineAssault 3560d ago

im buying this game.. Looks really awesome

MrDead3560d ago

These chickens could turn Colonel Sanders vegetarian.

CalvinKlein3560d ago

I really like the oddworld games and shadow complex is one of my favorite games this generaton and the one I want a sequel to the most. I will have to buy this on Vita someday.