Does Backwards Compatibility Matter?

Gioteck discuss if backwards compatibility is going to become more of an issue in this console transition when compared to previous generational leaps.

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T9002106d ago (Edited 2106d ago )

Depends from person to person, If someone has 40-50 games purchased on a system then yes it will matter to them. As the games alone would have cost them 2-3K USD, thats alot of money.

Specially i think graphics this gen have gotten to a point where they were really good. The jump to next gen wont be as big as it was in previous gens. Hence people wont find older games unplayble. Which is why i feel BC is becoming more and more important.

Dylila2106d ago

it matters and id be willing to pay 600quid for a ps4 that plays ps1,ps2 and ps3 discs and digital games. the truth is though that i wont be playing these past games for very long though because ill be playing ps4 games mostly

jimbobwahey2105d ago

I'd also be willing to pay extra for backwards compatibility, to cover the cost of putting the necessary hardware inside the new consoles.

Really, Sony and Microsoft need to realize that it's very important to some people and if it's too expensive to put in every console, then just release a more expensive SKU with BC included and charge enough to cover the cost, that way everyone wins.

darthv722105d ago (Edited 2105d ago )

it depends on the type of BC. I would not expect the latest platform to support all games from all other previous platforms from the same company, but to have at least 1 generational level of BC isnt that much to ask for. others may say it compromises the new platform by having to account for older games which could be true/false depending on how the BC is achieved.

If it is something direct then there isnt much lost nor is there any compromises. Like looking at the PS2 was certainly capable of running PS1 games. The hardware was capable and the optical format of the PS2 started off as CD but gradually moved to DVD. There was a portion of the system set aside for such that reason.

It was a smart move by Sony as they knew the sheer amount of PS1 games on the market would be a benefit to the consumer to be able to buy the new system AND be able to play all their existing games on one unit.

Even nintendo has always maintained some level of platform BC with each new gameboy released. It wasnt until the wii that we had console level BC with gamecube games just as the wii-u supports wii games. It doenst support GC games but it still has that 1 prior platform level of BC to be a convenience for consumers.

I see BC as a major selling point to those who dont have the current platform. Meaning someone who doesnt have a PS3 and they are looking at the Ps3 on the shelf next to the PS4. The PS4 (if it had PS3 BC) is the more attractive option because it can not only play all the new PS4 games but also the hundreds of existing PS3 games.

We can even go back further. If given the choice to buy the 2600 or the 7800 which do you think is the better deal? Yeah i know...its atari but even they had BC back in the day.

BattleAxe2105d ago

It matters when you've purchased digital versions of games, which you can't sell or store in box in your closet.

KrisButtar2105d ago

i agree with you, speaking about myself i have over 65 360 games and over 70 ps3 games, and about half of them i havent played yet.. i have a very big backlog

@ jimbobwahey "Really, Sony and Microsoft need to realize that it's very important to some people and if it's too expensive to put in every console, then just release a more expensive SKU with BC included and charge enough to cover the cost, that way everyone wins."

if they had a model that had BC included i would jump to next gen during the launch but as it stands my backlog of games is too big to jump into another console

jimbobwahey2105d ago (Edited 2105d ago )

Yeah, same here. If I can buy a BC PS4 and next Xbox, I'll make the jump to next gen at launch. If I can't though? I'll stick with my PS3 and 360.

I've got no desire to have four different consoles under my TV, that's utterly ridiculous, and I've so many games for these two consoles that I enjoy that I don't intend to abandon them for new hardware that will have what, maybe three good launch games if we're lucky?

New consoles always have a severe lack of worthwhile games for the first year after launch, and consoles having backwards compatibility makes this a non-issue since you can still play your older games too, which makes the transition from old to new much easier on people.

Not having BC is just crazy. Besides, a lot of people sell their old consoles to help fund the purchase of new ones.

infamousinfolite2105d ago

I wouldn't mind paying either mostly because like you said I'd be having to large game systems in my room and I don't want to abandon the PS3 in favor of the PS4 because it's too big to abandon.

Minato-Namikaze2105d ago

I have 155 (30 unfinished) PS3 games and it doesnt matter to me much. I'll be keeping my ps3 until i finish these games at which point i'll sell my ps3 and put the games up for storage.

Persistantthug2105d ago (Edited 2105d ago )

As consumers, we are being asked to invest and TRUST in online digital content.....effectively, to give them money for nothing physically tangible.....just a promise, basically.
If these companies want this type of ongoing trust from consumers, then they have to maintain their promise. They have to make sure that they hold, keep, and maintain all of the digital wares you buy, and keep them accessible at all times.

If a company breaks this trust, then said online store is worthless...... basically.


This is mainly why i buy physical only where possible and on the odd occasion i do by digital its only if its not a significant amount

Canary2105d ago

No, it doesn't matter from person to person.
It matters to the medium as a whole.


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MultiConsoleGamer2106d ago

Yes, at least for the first couple of years.

CaptainYesterday2105d ago

For me it does, sometimes old consoles break or it gets harder to find a controller or memory card. It would be great to have a console that could play the old games too.

Conzul2105d ago

Also can't have many gens of consoles clogging up the entertainment centre. Looks like a mess.

nevin12105d ago

For me it does.

And like what MulticonsoleGamer, atleast for a couple of years it does.

I mean it will be cool to play UC3 online on PS4 with others on PS3 and PS4.

MrDead2105d ago (Edited 2105d ago )

Ooooh Amiga A1200 porn, that article pic should be censored.

I still play Frontier: Elite 2, Settlers, Ruff n' Tumble Heimdall 2 and Cannon Fodder on my A1200 some classics never age.

mcstorm2105d ago

I was thinking the same I loved the Amiga 1200. I still have an Amiga 32 at home love that console so amazing games.

Animal Mutha 762105d ago (Edited 2105d ago )

I still have a Cd32 with SX-1 expansion which makes it an A1200 with Cd. Also have a mint A500+

Amiga Forever!

Sensible Soccer!

Tapani2105d ago

Oh yeah! I just checked out playthroughs for Shadow of The Beast 1-3 over the weekend with some Awesome (the game) and Xenon 2 megablast clips. Speedball 2 and Captive 1-2. Elite 2... Those were the times...

amiga-man2105d ago (Edited 2105d ago )

The Amiga was truly amazing in it's day and I traveled down to london to pick up an Amiga 500 when it was first launched along with a copy of marble madness, Defender of the crown and Deluxe paint brilliant days great memories.

mcstorm2105d ago

Those were the days. Sensible soccer, alien breed, super stardust, super skidmarks, cannon fodder, worms, bump n burn and many many more classic games the Amiga had.

MrDead2105d ago (Edited 2105d ago )

I always wanted a CD32. I remember going to the Future Entertainment Show in the early 90's and playing Simon the Sorcerer on it, I was blown away as I hadn’t heard full clear speech in a game before. Simon was voiced by Chris Barrie.

mcstorm2105d ago

Lol ya the good old days. I remember getting the Amiga 32 the day it came out and plugging it into my tv and was blow away by the sound and 3rd graphics on super star dust.

It would of been interesting to see what Amiga would of done if they had not hit money troubles but it was an amazing time in gaming.

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CouldHaveYelledUiiW2105d ago (Edited 2105d ago )


I was looking at that too going, "What?"

Considering some of the Cos Play picks that have been up- and the inFamous (Suda 51) LpCs CosPlay article.

I thought it was tame (even compared to TV)-

or some God of War screen shots
Far Cry 3's Scene
Current AC Trailer and Screens.

... But whatev's...
Personally, I like Backward Compatibility-
Give you a less clutter at the TV.
And a chance to play games you missed.
Not to mention a back-up player for you last gen games.

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