The Heist Is On With Dollar Dash (GamerHub.TV Review)

Break into a bank, disable the alarm, and steal as much cash as possible before you get caught. Simple right? But what happens when that same bank, on that same night, has been targeted by other thieves just as cunning as you are? Your answer may not immediately be to set a bear trap to catch them, but in Dollar Dash, you will have to use everything at your disposal to stop your competition from making off with the loot before you do. Is the game worth the risk or is it better left behind bars? Find out in our review!

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3-4-52056d ago

Game looks fun was thinking of buying it.

Anybody here played it yet? Is there local multiplayer so I can play with friends not online ?

It seems like a good old school local multiplayer game I can have fun with for an hour here and there.

creHEARTive2056d ago

The game does support local and online multiplayer for up to 4 players. I have played it and it is very fun. Worth the price.

Magnagamer2222057d ago

Looks cool, I like the premise for competition but does it offer the same suspense as tower heist?

creHEARTive2056d ago

not at all. there is a sense of frantic chaos when 4 people are setting traps, stealing money, and preventing you from getting away with your loot but I would not call it suspense. It is much more light hearted.

Magnagamer2222056d ago

I was joking. This game reminds me of the comedy with Ben Stiller & Eddie Murphy.

creHEARTive2056d ago

lol no, this game is funnier. lol

PS3DOESIT4ME2056d ago

Looks fun indeed. For a grownup heist experience check out Payday the heist.