Stealth is hanging around, but can survival horror make a comeback?

Now that Thief has been revealed and stealth is suddenly now more relevant, will survival horror make a similar comeback?

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ShugaCane2056d ago

Amnesia : A machine for pigs and Slender : The Arrival say Yes !

Irishguy952056d ago

They is Wank, Resident evil 6 is the only TRUE Horror game.

DevilishSix2056d ago

I wonder who is the lead on this new Thief game as its been a long time since one has been made? I want to see some gameplay and hear what its about.

I am actually very curious to see how Dishonored 2 (surely they will make a squal, the first sold well) advances the character and mechanics. Dishonored is in my Top 20 games this generation if not Top 10.