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SegmentNext - "Are you a person who identifies self as a “Hardcore Gamer”? Are you disappointed by the power of Nintendo’s “next-gen” console? Have you been frustrated with the focus on motion controls, like Wiimote, Move and Kinect, in the current generation of consoles? Are you more interested in “Gaming” rather than social networking or streaming tv shows on your console? It looks like Sony’s focus is to address all your concerns with its foray into the next-generation of consoles".

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alousow2053d ago

Xbox, wii n PC fans its not too late to join the playstation family we will welcome u in open arms. Xbox 720 going to focuson more kinect. while Wii u..... no comment on thatm wii can not compete with ps4 thats for sure. Pc? it is just too hard to play pc games,when playin games i like to relax on my sofa not trying hard to move the mouse or look for a button on the keyboard. PS4 is the best choice.

miyamoto2053d ago (Edited 2053d ago )

Oy, Bejita. Better wear your Google's Glass this holiday season & see how PS4 power level is over 9,000 when it launches.

“We will show you how the living room is no longer the center of the PlayStation ecosystem, the gamer is.”


mayberry2053d ago

I am impressed with the rhetoric that the sony camp is displaying for sure! Gaming is MY number one focus, always has been, the apps and such is a bonus in my world of adult electronic entertainment!


Who really gives two flips about nintendo just give me the PS4 already been ready for it it been long enough now die PS3 so PS4 can come to life.


Oh and another thing "IMA MAN OF MY WORD" !!!