Is there actually a reason to get the GTX Titan over the GTX 690?

TGBuzz: Almost every major hardware review site has put up their benchmarks for the GTX Titan and one common trend among all of them is that in terms of FPS, the Titan is not as good as the GTX 690.

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MooseWI2054d ago

Not from the benchmarks I have seen.. the 690 outperforms the Titan in games.

llMurcielagoll2054d ago

This is quite a surprise for me reading your comment. I thought Titan is superior to GTX690 from features, specs and video reviews I've seen :O

ATi_Elite2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

AMD HD7970 GHZ Edition Crossfire set-up for $800, $200 cheaper than a GTX690 or Titan but WAY MORE POWER!!!

Now if you SLI the GTX690 or Titan your looking at $2000 and about 20 frames on average higher than a HD7970 CFX Set-up. Sure 20 frames is a lot but a 20 frame gain for $1200 more!!

Sorry I'm just not feeling the Nvidia Hype on the Titan when there is a Cheaper and Better Solution out there!

Nvidia has 3 GPU solutions all at the same price point (GTX 680 SLI, Titan, GTX690 = $1000) and they all get beat by a cheaper ($800) HD7970 GHZ CFX set-up the majority of the time.

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steve30x2054d ago

Yes there is a reason to get a GTX TITAN instead of a GTX690. Mostly because the GTX690 needs SLI profiles to work properly and the TITAN doesnt. I've had SLI four times and each time I went back to a single graphics card because SLI can be a pain in the rear to get working properly.

SethAFitzgerald2054d ago

Yes but even in non-SLI, and only in a single card setup the 690 still always beats the Titan. And unless you have $2000 then you can't actually setup SLI on either, so the majority of people are looking at them for a single card setup, and in that case the 690 does win.

steve30x2054d ago

The GTX690 is two GPU's on one PCB and with one GTX690 it requires an SLI profile. Was ity really that hard to understand what I said? If a game doesnt have an SLI profile I guarantee that the GTX Titan will be a lot faster than the GTX690 because you are only using one of the GPU's in the GTX690.

SethAFitzgerald2054d ago

If you look at the list of games that support SLI, it is 14 pages long, there are very few instances where the 690 wouldn't work in SLI mode so it is sort of mute point.

mistertwoturbo2054d ago

^Moot. (Sorry not trying to be a grammar Nazi)

It is true, a lot of games support SLI. But the biggest problem, is release date for that support.

Depending on the developer and how hard Nvidia is working, new titles with SLI profiles can either come out before launch, or long after launch. It's a toss up. It's a gamble. It's even luck.

And there's still the inherent issue of Microstutter. Some people will notice it, others won't. But it's there in the research.

Super fast Single GPU > Two GPU's doing AFR. At least when it comes to the best "experience"

Bladesfist2054d ago

And if you look at the list of titles that have low to negative sli scaling you would realise that it is a fair point to make.

Smashbro292054d ago

I have a GTX 680, I was thinking of one day getting an even better card and using the 680 as the secondary one.

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soultecc2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

just get another 680 and run them in sli, since you already have one it will cost you half the price. then you could use the other half to start saving towards the 790.

Smashbro292053d ago

My situation is like an ultimate fantasy where I'd be able to afford like the single most badass card and make the 680 the PhysX one or something.

FlameBaitGod2054d ago

Just wait for the maxwell cards (2014)

mistertwoturbo2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

Benchmarks have shown though the Titan is more suited to triple monitor gaming because of the wide memory bandwidth and the massive 6GB of VRAM.

But on a single display, the 690 will outperform it.

The other advantage for the Titan is the acoustics since it is quieter even than a GTX680. And of course, being a single GPU, it will work 100% of the time. Although SLI profiles have been better, it is still not perfect. Even during the Crysis 3 beta, people had SLI issues.

If I had to choose I would go for the Titan. Although it should have been priced ~$750-$800.

The writer of this article clearly hasn't done his homework though and misses the point about having a super fast single GPU > two slower GPUs in SLI. It's NOT just about average frame rates. Before going to my GTX 680, I dabbled with 2 6950's in crossfire. While the average frames were higher than my old GTX 580, it was a stuttering mess. Then I sold those off and got my GTX 680 and have been happy since.

There's a lot of considerations. The Titan will be fit for some builds while a 690 is for others.

tubers2054d ago

There's a new "bench" than the typical avg. fps and min. fps.. something called "Frame Rating" I believe..

I think it dabbles with microstutters as well. (It's proven already)

-OCN lurker

Coach_McGuirk2054d ago

glad to see somebody knows what they're talking about around here.

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