IGN: de Blob Hands-On, Studio Tour and Screens

One of the most exciting titles based on original IP coming to the Wii this year would have to be de Blob from Melbourne-based Blue Tongue Entertainment. As regular visitors to IGN would know, the game is set in Chroma City, where the dastardly Inkt Corporation has leeched all the colour from the world. What was once a vibrant place is now comprised of monochrome buildings, trees, skies and more. It's up to the player, as the titular Blob, to roll and jump about the world, splashing it with colour once more. It's a great concept, with gameplay that allows for both sandbox fun and structured objectives, and a soundtrack that's intrinsically tied into the action.

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wiizy4191d ago

this little gem needs to come out soon.

PS360WII4191d ago

Yes it deffinatly looks like a fun game for sure