'99 Levels To Hell' Review - Blazing A Trail To The Abyss | The Indie Game Magazine

"Zaxis Games and B-evil invite us to descend through the 99 Levels to Hell. Newly released for the PC and Mac, the game is a 2-D sidescrolling roguelike dungeon-crawler with a trigger-happy twist that trades traditional sword and sorcery for more modern weaponry, such as guns and bombs.
As expected of a roguelike, 99 Levels to Hell features randomly generated dungeons —not to mention ten different dungeon environments, so that each playthough is a fresh and uniquely hellish experience (in the best sense). In addition to over ninety-nine levels, the game offers more weapon types and upgrades than you can shake a shotgun at, as well as some extra unlockable player characters and a wide variety of creepy-crawly underworld baddies to blast away with your weapon of choice." - Kim Berkley

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