Epic Games Developer Jim Brown Offers Strategies For Gears Of War Judgment

Gears of War fans are in for a lot of new gameplay modes in multiplayer and a lot more options in campaign mode, as well. In order to help Gearheads through the Xbox 360 exclusive, we asked developer Jim Brown to offer some tips and tricks to get through the new game. Check out what he advises in this exclusive video interview.

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jagiii2056d ago

always great to get advice from the developer.

creHEARTive2056d ago

this game is going to be great. I can't wait to play it.

YoureINMYWay852056d ago

I never cared for GoW I mean its a great game, just a little too mainstream.

GearSkiN2056d ago

ahh fuck, i was not gonna get this game but i end up getting it anyway, since i already got rid of my GOW 1/2. but i think ill just re collect them.
remember buying the game gives u access to DL the first game.

plus this game looks better than GOW3 new tech running on the same engine, u can tell, glad they added little things, im sold since i getting it at microsoft store and i get 1600 msp to use for session pass good deal.

jetlian2056d ago

man Im getting hyped for this. whats the best place to buy from? Amazon has been cheap since 2011. they havent been giving the deals anymore